DIY Thursday – Make Your Own Wedding Garter

Bridal garters are an old tradition for weddings, and wearing one is considered to be lucky for the happy couple. I didn’t wear one on my wedding day, but it was purely because it didn’t even cross my mind. It’s not really priority in the ‘wedding wardrobe’, but if you have some time one weekend making your own is a fun way to be spend a few hours!

Here are some great handmade garters I have found on the net to give you some ideas…

DIY wedding garter - Source

Handmade black chiffon wedding garter – Natalie Briggs via Etsy

Handmade bow wedding garter – A Alicia Wedding

What you’ll need:

Lace, 2 types of ribbon (one wider than the other and wide enough to fit the elastic through), elastic (and any other embellishments you want to add such as beads or jewellery).

How to:

•  First you need to your lace trim. You can get lace trim in any fabric shop or haberdashery section of a department store. For some inspiration, here are some of my favourite lace trims you can buy online from MacCulloch and Wallis…

1. Cotton Daisy Broderie (£3/m)

2. Fine Spanish Lace (£3.45/m)

3. Guipure Flower Trim (£7.50/m)

4. Austrian Cotton Heart Trim (£2.65/m)

This is where it gets interesting. Miss Pony of Wedding Bee has an excellent tutorial on how to create your garter, and the following photos are all courtesy of her.

You’ll need to cut your lace trim so it’s about twice the width of your thigh. This is so that you can get the ruffles. Cut your ribbon and elastic so it’s about the width of your thigh.

• Next glue or sew the wider ribbon onto your lace trim.

• Then sew your remaining ribbon onto the wider ribbon so that it leaves a gap.

• Feed the elastic through using a safety pin to help.

• As you feed the elastic through you’ll start to see how it ruffles up.

• Sew the ends together, and you you’re nearly there. Just add your embellishments and voila!

Try adding some beads or some heirloom jewellery to make you feel even more special.


I also read that as well as bringing luck, traditionally the bride used to toss her garter to her guests. Superstition is that, rather like the bouquet, the unmarried male wedding guest who catches the garter will be the next man to get married. I can’t say I have ever been to a wedding where that has happened, but at least now I’ll know if the bride looks like she’s doing a strip-tease towards the end of the night!

I would love to hear if any of you have made your own wedding garter. Or indeed are you even having one? Please leave a comment below!

I’ll be back tomorrow with another great Fifties Friday post.

Charlie x ♥

4 Responses to “DIY Thursday – Make Your Own Wedding Garter”

  • Emma Ball:

    Beautiful garter images… was going to buy one but now I’m feeling a little DIY inspired! Better do a bit of vintage lace hunting! xx

  • Em:

    At a wedding I went to recently they tossed the garter… and then apparently the guy who caught the garter is supposed to put it onto the leg of the girl who caught the bouquet! Unfortunately I missed most of it but everyone had lots of fun!

  • So brilliant idea. I wish I can do some DIY.


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