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Inspiration for a 1950s Oscars & Hollywood Themed Wedding

I am a huge fan of the Oscars – every year I try staying up for the whole event (every year I fall asleep before they announce Best Picture). I really love making a thing of it, and I always make sure we have Oscars-themed canapés and a bottle of bubbly! I could therefore run wild with an event combining the 1950s and the Oscars, and I think it’s a fabulous idea for a wedding reception. Think guests in black tie, women in long cocktail dresses, champagne, sophistication and glamour. Oooh doesn’t that sound incredible?

First of all (of course), you have to tell your guests this is a black tie affair. To be ultra 50s of course your female guests should be wearing white gloves and carrying evening bags.


…and the Groomsmen should be in black tie too of course.


As for your own outfit, it’s all about the full-length wedding gown.


You’ll need a fabulous entrance of course. Red carpet leading into the reception venue is a must, as is you and your husband’s name in lights! In fact there are quite a few old cinemas that will rent out to weddings, so do a little digging and just ring up and ask if you’re not sure if it’s possible.


Popcorn is also an essential treat for your guests. You can be really creative with this – build a popcorn tower or have bowls scattered around. I love those retro popcorn boxes which you can buy on Amazon at £1.75 for 8.


Use old film reels and other cinema props to add to that movie theme.


For wedding invitations, it’s all about black, white and sparkle! I think the more simple the better for an Oscars & Hollywood themed wedding as it’s all about style and grace.


For wedding favours I found these fabulous retro popcorn candles from Wedding Favours Kingdom. Each one comes in a striped gift box with a ‘for you’ tag. They’re so cute! They’re priced at £2.48 or £1.88 each when you buy 6 or more.

I’m also loving these stainless steal bow tie hip flasks from The Hair of the Dog – perfect for the men in your bridal party. Prices are US$90 for 5.

For a wedding cake, black and white really suit that Oscars & Hollywood feel. Of course you can be really creative with that…


…and for something entirely different, check out these cupcakes!


Now aren’t you just pining after a 1950s Hollywood themed wedding?

Have a lovely day everyone, and a very happy Wedding Wednesday!



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