DIY Thursday – Pinterest Projects: A DIY Photo Booth, Picnic Wedding Theme & Tree Cake Stand

Today’s DIY Thursday post is very topical for me. Yesterday I joined Pinterest. I’ve seen it mentioned on Twitter and for a few weeks now I have been meaning to check it out and see what it’s all about. Essentially it’s where you can share all your great finds on the web in one place. I haven’t yet had a chance to do my first board, but I will soon and I can’t wait! I was super pleased, therefore, when our resident DIYer Valerie chose to based her DIY post this week on Pinterest. Here she tells us her 3 favourite projects…

My 3 Favorite DIY Projects

If you haven’t discovered the wonderful world of Pinterest yet, I urge you to explore the depths of creativity lurking in the community there.  I can spend hours there pinning and re-pining everything that catches my eye.  Remember the expression, “put a pin in it?”  Well, that’s what you do.  You create boards to which you “pin” your favorite finds.

While struggling to decide on just one DIY project for this week, I chose to feature my 3 best pins from the board, DIY Projects.  Here they are, in no particular order.  I love them all equally; and yes, they all have tutorials so dig in DIYers!

Favorite #1: DIY Photo Booth

Full tutorial featured on the Ruffled blog.

Basically, you’re building a free-standing wall with a picture frame cut-out in the wall where folks can strike a pose.  Photo booths have been really popular lately for weddings and parties.  It’s a great way to entertain guests and loosen up a bit.  Renting a photo booth can be pricey but a DIY version can certainly save you money!  Put a kid-friendly twist on it and use it for your kid’s next birthday party too.

Favorite #2: Picnic Wedding Theme

So simple, romantic, and charming – this picturesque scene shows large blankets on the grass where small groups of guests are welcome to sit alongside artful baskets which are all a little different.  Each basket can contain a flower bouquet, a bottle of champagne or wine, and maybe some finger food like bread and grapes.  Then there’s the arch.  A gorgeous, nature-inspired arch adorned with flower garland marks the spot where the couple can tie the knot.  Love it!

Favorite #3:  Tree Cake Stand

Originally featured on Once Wed.

If you’ve been following this DIY Thursday series, you may notice I have a liking for things that resemble nature.  Things that incorporate natural fibers like bamboo, linen, and wood end up getting pinned to my boards at Pinterest.  This DIY project with trees and cake is no exception.  I would expect this project to be somewhat challenging so it may not be a great option for the not-so-crafty.  Then again, imperfections are what make things like this special so proceed at your own risk!

Visit Pinterest for more DIY inspirations, projects, and tutorials.  But be prepared…it’s addictive!

Big thanks to Val for sharing her favourite DIY projects this week.

You may have noticed that we have unfortunately been plagued with technical glitches from our website hosts 133-Reg this week, but hopefully all being well we will be back tomorrow when I’ll be publishing the results of the recent Fifties Wedding shoot! I’m so excited!!

Until then, have a great day everyone. Oh and please send good technical vibes my way! This week I learned that you should always back up your website. A harsh lesson learned indeed!

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