A 1950s Date

Readers lets have a little fun and recreate a romantic evening 50s style.

Dating Etiquette for Girls (from 1950s Reader’s Digest)

– Do not ask a guy out.

– When someone asks you out, it’s polite to give an immediate answer.

– Never break a date without providing a valid reason.

– There’s no such thing as fashionably late; be ready when your date arrives.

– It’s only proper to introduce your date to your parents.

– Don’t apply makeup in public.

– At a restaurant, it’s ladylike to tell a date what you want for dinner, so he can order for you.

– Don’t humiliate your date by trying to pay.

Dating Etiquette for Guys

– Dont wait until the last minute to ask a girl out.

– Call for her at the door.

– Ask her parents when they want her home — and make sure your watch works.

– Help  her don her coat.

– Real gentlemen open car doors for girls — or any door, for that matter.

– It’s chivalrous to walk between her and the curb.

– Bring enough money.

Oh how things have changed!

So what did a couple do for a romantic date in the 1950s?

They went to the pictures (fifties speak for cinema).

In the late 1940s and throughout the 50s following on from the horrors of World War Two, going to ‘the Pictures’ was the main form of escapism and entertainment for people of all classes. Cinema in the 1950s was a big deal. Now that the war was over, Hollywood no longer needed to cut back on budgets or conserve material like they did in the 40s. No more borrowing sets and costumes, movies could once again have big budgets to fit their big stars, and the stylish but sparse black and white films of the previous decade could now make way for a new age of colour and spectacle not seen since before the war. You wanted to have fun at the movies, whatever genre you were going to see and musicals enjoyed a surge in popularity.

So then a fifties musical could be just what’s needed.

Fifties musicals are romantic and so feel good – have you seen Carousel, White Christmas, Oklahoma, South Pacific to name but a few? The thread running through all these is of course true love. In a musical true love always wins, happy endings abound, the right girl gets the right boy and everything comes up roses.

OK real life isn’t really like a musical but we can all pretend.

Also you cannot watch any of my top suggestions without a smile on your face.

So my top 5 musicals for your date are:

1. High Society

2. Pal Joey

3. Singing in The rain

4. Showboat

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