Wedding Flowers for Table Decorations – Ideas for a Fifties or Vintage Wedding

Flowers are so important to any wedding and can absolutely transform your wedding venue. Matching the flowers to your bridesmaids/groomsmen colours is a very popular trend. However, for a fifties or vintage wedding I think you can dare to be a bit different. On today’s post we’ve got some ideas for flowers for your wedding table decorations to give you some food for thought.

(c) Neil Hanson Photography

From the Glamorous Housewife

One suggestion is flowers in jam jars. This is so easy to do if you’re looking for DIY flowers, and I always think flowers in jam jars are so cute and very appropriate for a vintage wedding. You can mix and match flowers for more of an informal country wedding theme, or keep to a colour scheme.

From Clare Nolan

Of course I’m no expert, so I asked a few florists for their suggestions for flowers for a fifties or vintage wedding theme….

Bex of Designed by Blush (Surrey, UK)…

One Blush bride who is getting married this June has asked for country style arrangements to be done in different 1950′s bread bins and other 50′s kitchen containers. This design looks amazing with bright garden blooms, like Hydrangeas, Sweet peas and roses (see below). In this wedding we are also including egg cups with a single flower head in each one and even a toast rack with flowers.

Christine of Fuchsia Flower Design (Brighton & Sussex, UK)…

Lovely vintage teapots, cups & saucers, bowls etc. are continuing to be a popular choice, and maybe using that wonderful murano style glass in retro-styled vases and bowls (below a shot of one of my favourite style of bowls) – great for dramatic simple blooms such as Gardenias and large garden roses. Another idea is to use storm lanterns, but not the usual glass (although they do look stunning), but 50s style Tilley lamps with lots of flowers surrounding the base using a mixture of Scabiosa, Nigella, Gloriosa, Pinus Strobes, Skimmia with lots of different ferns for greenery.

Teacups above – (c) Laura Coleman of Laura Coleman Flowers

Sandra of Sandra’s Flower Studio (Lincolnshire, UK)…

If I only had to pick one for a vintage theme I think it would be sugar pots with gerberas. They are simple and yet stunning flowers often overlooked, I find. The arrangement itself is simple but effective and you can get the sugar sets and gerberas in so many colours.

Weddings I have not personally been involved with but fab ideas…. Simple arrangements of a storm lantern sat on a foam ring with an assortment of dahlias surrounding the lantern. Another colourful 50′s inspired theme. We were in a tiny village hall all sat around a long tressle table and these arrangements were everywhere. No design to them but they worked. Very colourful, effective and fab. There were arrangements in vases on the windowsills, on the piano, using tea cups and jugs and I think anything they could find in the kitchen that held water. Any flowers they had left were just laid on any available service. An idea that got away from me – [one couple asked] could they use 45 records in a design? We came up with using the larger record as a base, making a pole and having the 45 record above forming a base to have a flower arrangement on top. Inbetween the records they were going to use the record sleeves as table names proped up somehow. A rock n roll wedding with an assortment of 50′s records being used.

What a fab ideas!

If you’ve started researching flowers you’ll know prices can vary enormously. Make sure you tell your florist your budget and don’t be pressured into paying more if you can’t afford it. If you don’t have a big budget for flowers, there are definitely ways of doing DIY wedding flowers. Indeed I made the bouquets for my own wedding, and my mum and I spent a long time doing the flowers for the marquee too. We had a mixture of sweet peas, roses and other wild flowers in vintage vases and jugs borrowed from my aunt. For buttonholes we had silk flowers that my mum had found on a holiday in Italy. We also ordered a few readymade hanging baskets from a local nursery too.

My wedding flowers – (c) Matt Foden Photography

Also it is advisable that you go for seasonal flowers, and remember that if you need to import flowers it is going to be expensive! Some examples of my favourites…

  • Spring – daffodils, hyacinths, delphiniums, tulips
  • Early summer – peonies, roses, sweet peas, forget-me-nots
  • Autumn – chrysanthemums, sunflowers, roses, dahlias, marigolds
  • Winter – orchids, gerberas, amaryllis

(c) Jo Hansford Photography

(c) Frances Janisch

If you’ve got some ideas, print pictures off from the net, and show them to your florist!

Have a great weekend everyone. Mum will be back with her regular mother of the bride post on Monday!

Charlie x

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