Tuesday Treasures – 1950s Vintage Bags

Is it too stereotypical to say that every woman loves a handbag? Perhaps. However, I do fulfil the stereotype. What is it about a handbag?! I suppose it may have something to do with the fact that a woman carries everything of material value in her handbag. It’s not just an accessory, it’s a necessity. Men may not understand (not wishing to generalise – you can substitute ‘Ant’ for men if you like) but a handbag says everything about the person holding it. For me, I am drawn to box handbags, or anything with an unusual shape. I love brown handbags too. Most of all, I love a great vintage find.

Above – Grace Kelly, Marilyn Monroe & Audrey Hepburn – showing how to look a million dollars with your handbag

Perhaps the most famous handbag of the 50s (if not of all time) was Grace’s Kelly’s black Hermes bag, which she used the hide her pregnancy. This classic black bag became known as the ‘Kelly’ bag and has still stuck today. The unfussy simple glamour of the 50s also brought with it the clutch bag. Bucket bags were also popular – big enough to carry a pair of flats in the bottom for when your stilettos started to hurt. Great idea!

Today’s Tuesday Treasures are all 1950s vintage handbags. I’ve tried to focus on evening bags, though one or two others have crept in as I couldn’t resist.  These are original beauties, which somehow have overcome decades of goodness knows how much moving about to make it to 2011. Who is with me on No. 12?

1. Starry Night silver fold over clutch bag from Stutter in Mama – $26USD

2. Four in One clutch bag from Birdy Num Num – £60

3. Beige Koret box bag from Rock My Vintage - £90

4. Black Rubella evening bag wit gold beaded tassels from Stardust - £28

5. Cocoa satin Magid clutch bag from Le Mollusque – $28USD

6. Beaded ivory straw bag from Ebay - $35USD

7. Beaded evening bag from Treasured and Cherished - £65

8. Cream satin envelope clutch from Birdy Num Num – £28

9. Pink velvet evening bag from The Vintage Bag Lady - £120

10. Gold sequin & bead evening bag from The Vintage Fairy - £20

11. Black handbag with gold clasp and purse from Lady Pearls Vintage Boutique - £40

12. Green faux reptile skin clutch bag from Villa Villa Vintage - $48USD

13. White ‘Chicklet’ evening bag from Retro Designer Deals - $55USD

14. Velvet and brass Scotty box bag from Devoted 2 Vintage - £95

15. Sheldon Lucite frame bag from Devoted 2 Vintage – £95

16. Brown Moc Croc clutch bag from The Stellar Boutique – £24

17. Red Van Dal sweetheart bag from Rock My Vintage – £45

18. White beaded clutch bag from JForney000 via Etsy – $22USD

19. White satin & black lace evening bag from The Vintage Bag Lady – £125


I’m starting to rather like Tuesdays. Have a good one all.

Charlie x ♥

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