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The Little Details – Top 10 Decoration Ideas for a Vintage Wedding

There’s a saying about getting enjoyment from ‘the little things in life’, and in my opinion it’s no different for weddings. Spending time on thinking about those little details can be so much fun, and most of the time there’s little if any cost involved. It’s more about DIY and having an eye for styling. This kind of thing is right up my street, and while not every guest might notice your little details, you can bet your bottom dollar that those that do will be wowed. It’s those little touches that get people talking, and it all helps to give make your wedding a special and unique. SO here are my Top 10 ‘Little Details’…

1. Somewhere to put your cards…

Left – © Christina Carroll Photography, Left – Love Me Do Photography

© Jonas Peterson

2. Flowers in different kinds of bottles…

Left – © Christina Carroll Photography, Right - Amy and Stuart Photography

© Edyta Szyszlo Photography

3. Vintage books on tables…

Left - © Catie Ronquillo Photography , Right - © Steve Gerrard Photography


4. Unusual chair-back decorations…

© Ben Q Photography

© Jonas Peterson 

© Kate Harrison

© Rebecca Arthurs

5. Light up your tables in style…

Left – Emma Case , Right – © Natasja Kremers

© Clayton Austin

© Stephanie Williams Photography

6. Let it hang…

© Xavier Navarro Photographie

© Jay Rowden

Source – Not on the High

7. Old family photos…

© Eliza Claire Photography

Left – © Eliza Claire Photography, Right – © Gabriel Ryan Photography 

© Dan O’Day 

8. Vintage treasures…

© Sarah Tew Photography

© Nadine Photography

9. Old furniture...

Left – © Geneoh Photography, Right – © Rebecca Arthurs

© Heather España 

10. Vintage plates…

© Geneoh Photography

© Natasja Kremers

© Rebecca Arthurs

What do you think? Would love to hear about your own little details too, so do leave some of your own ideas in the comment box below.

On another note, I wish you all a lovely weekend. I’m off the the Luxury Wedding Show tomorrow morning which should be fun. I’m particularly looking forward to seeing those Candy Anthony dresses! I will of course report back :)

Happy Friday!

Charlie x ♥

DIY Thursday – Make Your Own Wedding Place Cards & Gratitude Place Card Tutorial

Ready to get your DIY hat on again this week? Today we have a tutorial on making your own ‘gratitude place cards’ (yes it’s a new term to me too). A gratitude place card is rather like your regular place card, only it doubles up as a thank you card. When your guests sit down to eat they also receive a little thank you message from you and your groom. So sweet!

First up I thought I’d get you in the mood with lots of ideas for wedding place cards. Here’s a little vintage & retro place card inspiration to get you started…

Above – top left retro place cards, top right popcorn place cards, middle right old Hollywod place cardsbottom left vintage fashion illustration place cards, bottom right sandy polka dot place cards

I’m also loving these unusual ideas below if you’re looking for unique wedding place cards. Some of these you can buy, but for creative types you can use them as inspiration to make your own too.

Above – top left hanger place cards (£5 for 10 via Creative & Contemporary), top right oak leaf place card ($1.50 via Magpie Paperworks), bottom right scrabble ‘place card’, deck chair place cards

For something a little more simple how about adding your own ribbon to card? It doesn’t take long and can transform plain card.

Above – from Maple Mountain Designs

Above – from ICI Paper

Now it’s over to our regular DIY expert Valerie to tell us more about gratitude place cards and give us her DIY tutorial on how to make them!

Gratitude Place Card Tutorial

By Valerie Owens of The DIY Coordinator

The people you invite to your wedding are special to you. They share a connection with you through family, friends, work, or maybe even on a spiritual level. The single most important way you can make them feel as special as you do is to give thanks in a personal and unexpected way. That is what gratitude place cards are all about.

As a wedding guest, it is always nice to see a spot at the dinner table reserved especially for you. Casual wedding with less than 25 guests may not need place cards but the gratitude place card is never something you need at a wedding; it is something you wish to incorporate as a special touch to make each guest feel noticed, appreciated, and welcome. Gratitude place cards are ideal for small weddings because you can include a personalized note inside an envelope labeled with the guest’s name.

The idea for gratitude place cards was born from the lovely Martha Stewart Weddings website. Martha calls the project a “propped note” and the picture is shown below. I’ve come up with 4 easy steps to create your own gratitude place cards.

Step 1. The Paper

Find the smallest envelope you can, perhaps a 3 x 5 inch (approximately 8 x 13 centimeters) and cut your own cards from cardstock or purchase pre-cut cards to match the envelope size. These small sizes are typically used for the RSVP inserts within your invitations. If you’re already making your own invites, buy extra envelopes and cards for this project.

Step 2. The Ink

Your approach to the next step will depend on your own artistic ability. If you have great handwriting or know some calligraphy, you can write your own cards. If you lack that artistic hand, you can visit the craft store and get the materials and supplies for rubber stamping. You’ll need a full alphabet as well as some pre-set thank you messages. Alternatively, you can pay a professional calligrapher to ink the gratitude place cards.

Step 3. The Text

Each envelope should be inked with the name of each guest. A tiny thank you card goes inside each envelope with a special message of thanks. Do not use the same thank-you phrase for each guest; use a variety of messages so that no one at the same table gets a duplicate card.

Step 4. The Display

The way you display the place cards is completely up for interpretation. In the example from Martha Stewart, the card is propped in between the tines of a dessert fork at the top of each place setting. You may wish to simply place each card on a linen napkin at each seat.

I’ve seen projects like these used for table assignments as well where the inside card has a table number on it. You could double-up and write the thank-you message on the back of the card with the table number; however, I think the unexpected thank you card at the guest’s place setting speaks volumes of gratitude in a very thoughtful way. One other suggestion might be to include the address where you or the new couple will be residing on the back of each thank you card. This way, people will hold on to the token of thanks and remember to add you into their address book when they get home!


Thanks Valerie!

Tomorrow we have something great for Fifties Friday. It involves something you don’t see often on the blog…men! Hehe – you’ll just have to come back tomorrow to find out more!

 Charlie x ♥

DIY Thursday – Vintage Glassware

This week DIY Val gives us her thoughts on wedding table decoration ideas using vintage glassware. Other table decorations generally get a back seat to flowers at weddings (see my previous post on flowers as table decorations here), but you can do so much more! I would suggest from now you start digging out those old jars and glass vases!


By Valerie Owens of The DIY Coordinator

It’s no secret that vintage is hot right now. Some may call it antique or old fashioned but I call it vintage. Vintage glassware can easily be repurposed as a flower vase, light fixture, or candle holder. My own wedding will be adorned with loads of vintage glassware scattered on every table, mantle, and windowsill in sight!

Use vintage glassware to create a mood that sends romantic vibes to everyone around. Clear glass, colored glass, white milk glass – take your pick. The pink and white eye candy you pictured here was found at décor8blog.

© Leslie Shewring (A Creative Mint)

The type of glassware you choose can be matched with the style of your event. Consider the other elements in your décor and decide if you want an upscale, sophisticated look or a down-home, country feel. For the fancy appeal, look for dessert dishes, champagne flutes, and perfume bottles. For a low-key look, the best options are coke bottles, bud vases, and jars.

Using glass mason jars or jelly jars has become popular for country-style wedding themes. These jars are not necessary vintage unless they’ve been picked from a real antique store. The jars sold in regular stores today are much less expensive than the vintage ones but you can tell a difference. Most vintage jars are tinted slightly green and the glass may be thicker. The ones in the photo are from and are similar to what you can buy in the stores today.

© Labor of Love

When it comes to DIY wedding favors, the goal is to send guests home with a personalized favor in style. If you have a favorite flower incorporated into your décor, it would be most appropriate to send your guests home with a vase that holds a single stem of your favorite beauty. If your theme is more about the food, some folks have used glass jars as containers to send guests home with the ingredients for their favorite cupcake recipe. Get the tutorial for this DIY cupcake in a jar from Cakies. An organic or natural themed wedding may feature jars filled with herbs.

© Rubyellen (Cakies)

DIY wedding decorations can also feature vintage glassware. A collection of vases and bottles arranged together like the ones in the photo from is a perfect example.

© Amy Moss

One of my favorite DIY projects is to take a dozen glass jars and pour rocks in the bottom of each jar. Drop in a LED tealight and line them up on a windowsill when the sun goes down. This creates a very nice look for a wedding or home.

Val ♥

DIY Ideas for Retro & Vintage Wedding Place Cards

Have fun with your table settings with these ideas for wedding place cards!

I didn’t actually have place settings for our wedding since I wanted it to be quite informal, but it’s certainly a chance to be creative if you do! Place cards are relatively cheap and easy to do, and a useful tool if you want to get your guests talking to each other and mix up family and friends.

For some retro & vintage-inspired place settings to match your 1950s dress, how sticking some of these Cath Kidston stickers to plain white cards before writing your guests names on them? I am a HUGE fan of Cath Kidston anything, so this gets the thumbs up from me. The booklet comes with over 200 stickers, including those iconic vintage florals and spotty prints. Currently on sale from Amazon for £3.34.

Or for more do-it-yourself tricks, get a rubber stamp to make some handmade place cards that look simple but classy. I love this ‘heart shower’ rubber stamp below from Handy Hippo (£6.99). This ‘candy hearts’ rubber stamp from Inkadinkado (£6.36) is also so cute!

Tying a name tag to a flower is always so pretty. Very cheap and easy to do, but looks so beautiful.

(c) Corbin Gurkin Photography

For a rustic country-wedding, parcel tags tied to cutley with polka dot ribbon would be gorgeous. For some of my favourite polka dot and ‘just married’ ribbon see our previous post here on DIY table decorations. For absolutely gorgeous 1950s retro yumminess you couldn’t do better than these Cath Kidston ribbon rolls though (£1.20). See – I told you I’m a huge fan!

For an afternoon of fun and going through lots of old photos of friends and family, photo place cards are great. I’m not sure it’s too practical if you’re having huge numbers of guests, but it’s certainly great fun for an intimate wedding. I found this picture via Intimate Weddings where Christina made place cards made from pictures from vintage children’s books. She used piece of cards or book pages for the background, and then cut out faces from old children’s books. She glued them on, typed the names of her guests using a font she found in Microsoft Word, and then printed & glued the names onto the card. Genius idea!

If you like the idea of using vintage pics, these 1950s fashion pics turned place cards are utterly fabulous too! Christina made these from images of vintage sewing patterns she found on Google. For the full tutorial click here.

For some last little ideas, have a look at this inspiration board below. Hopefully you’ve found some ideas that you like the look of perhaps to use at your own wedding. If not, there are always dinner parties!

Have a great wednesday everyone.

Charlie x

Inspiration board created via Style Me Pretty‘s Inspiration Board Tool

A Mother of the Bride’s Perspective – Flowers and Table Decorations

(For my previous Mother of the Bride posts click here.)

October 2009-March 2010

We had decided that sweet peas were to be part of the big day. Although we do grow them here we realised that ours would never be enough or indeed would not flower in time. Recommended to me by our local nursery was Greenlines Nursery in West Sussex, UK.

I telephoned them and they were so helpful with suggestions including when to place the order.

The flowers arrived 2 days before the wedding in superb condition and the colours were exactly as described and discussed. The stems are long so easily cut to size ( they actually last 14 days and this company supplies many stores including Waitrose). The scent of the flowers was amazing and filled the marquee.

We had decided to do all our own flowers. As the wedding was 50s and informal, the sweet peas could be mixed with anything that was in season in June and was the correct colour – this being pinks, lavenders, white, indeed any   pastel shade. We did not want any strong colours.  We used an array of vintage jugs of all sizes to display the flowers on the tables. The buttonholes would all be white roses and Charlie wanted to do her own and the Bridesmaids bouquets of sweet peas and roses.

The pastel shades would continue in the marquee with very large hanging baskets, planted up in shades of white and pink by Staplehurst Nurseries Ltd (based in Kent). They do not have a website but their contact details are:


Phone: 01580 891154 Fax: 01580 895200

A friend, Denise, and I made about 30 stripped runners for the tables and I bought masses of tealights in glasses which interspersed the flowers along the length of each table.

I had seen the most incredible simple silk roses in Italy the previous month, which we bought and used for the button holes.

So the day before the wedding saw Charlie and I sitting on the lawn surrounded by masses of flowers making up vases and decorating the top of the Gazebo. Charlie also made up the bridal bouquets.

Another important Job done!!

Selma x

Decoration Ideas for a Snowy Winter Wedding

Wow – so much snow in London this morning! Our dog Loki is just in heaven (he likes lying in it the snow and burying his head in it!).

If you’re one of our UK readers you will be well aware that the UK is in the grip of arctic weather conditions this week, with snow & ice effecting almost every part of the country. Thousands of people have been stranded on trains, in their cars and at airports. SO YES I know the snow brings with it problems BUT I think it is just sooo very beautiful! It is so magical and makes me feel all Christmassy inside! How stunning is this pic taken the other day of Beachyhead…

(taken by  Tino & Pip Photography).

All this snow has been rather inspiring in fact, and the perfect opportunity to do a post on some decoration ideas for a winter wedding.

Firstly, of course, fairy lights! No winter wedding is complete without some twinkly white lights. It’s amazing how much difference they can make to an empty room or the hallway leading up to your reception room.

For some gorgeous snowy-inspired table decorations, I love this heart chandelier that holds tealights. Available from Le Trousseau for £75. Also so wintery and stunning are these little Beaded Droplet accessories for your candlesticks – also from Le Trousseau for £12.

For an unusual and wintery floral arrangement, add some of these silver Habitat Floreo artificial leaves for a bit of magic. At £5 not too painful either.  With some of these gold Habitat pine cones (£7 for a bunch),  together with a mix of ivy you can create something really special.

Outside your reception venue, how about hanging these decorations from the trees. With outdoor fairy lights too, what an entrance that would make! Gorgeous. These beaded snowflake decorations (£3.50) from John Lewis and scented festive balls (£15 – also John Lewis) would be perfect (and oh so non-tacky).

For a couple of DIY options for budget bride, you could put card place names onto silver or gold sprayed pine cones. Filling glass jars or vases with nuts, cranberries and other festive fruits also make a great centrepiece for an alternative to flowers.

Finally a gorgeous pic which sums up a fab fifties winter wedding. (c) Peter Bang Photography

Good luck with the snow everyone!

Charlie x

DIY Wedding Table Decorations (if you’re crafty & creative clap your hands)

Oh the joy of wedding decorations! Decorating the tables at your reception venue can be SO much fun. Trust me – my mum and I must have spent hours on it! My mum made runners out of stripey fabric we found at John Lewis, and we spent hours the day before the wedding putting flowers into vintage jugs and vases (some we had – some we borrowed).

(c) Matt Foden Photography

Indeed, vintage crockery fits so perfectly with a fifties or vintage-themed wedding, as so wonderfully illustrated in the photos below. All the crockery in these pics are available to hire from the Warwickshire-based My Vintage Party (who deliver to surrounding counties too). Fill little tea cups with flowers or put tea lights on saucers for beautiful and unusual centrepieces.

Oooh and I am brimming today with wedding decoration ideas. It’s amazing how much you can do with a bit of ribbon too! Tie  ribbon around your napkins and finish with flowers to add that little bit of detail to your table decorations. My absolute favourite ribbon is this ‘just married’ ribbon (£1.75 per metre) from Le Trousseau.

For more of a fifties touch polka dot ribbon is perfect (see below Le Trousseau’s polka dot ribbon – £1.50 per metre). If spots aren’t your thing, there’s so much more to choose from too. I also love these grey hearts (also from Le Trousseau – £1.50 per metre), and these stripey ribbons from MacCulloch & Wallis (£1/metre, 90p/metre).

Lisa from Ribbons and Tulle suggested another idea for ribbon would be to make your own tags and then they can double up as pretty placecards too.

For £1.99 I also found this heart shaped hold punch on Amazon. With some old vintage music sheets, or some interesting wrapping paper, you could make your own unique table confetti.

Or why not get hold of some jars and you can will them with dried petals, or fresh flowers, or even sweets if you want to go a bit retro. It may just require eating a lot of jam or condiments in the few months before the wedding! I love these jam jars from Magenta and Mark’s wedding. They filled the jars with M & M’s and then put squares of Cath Kidston fabric on top. So cute, and doubled up as favours too.

(c) Neil Hanson Photography

Making your own wedding decorations can be a lot of fun, and it’s amazing how much of those details your guests notice. It’s quite satisfying so say ‘Oh I did that myself’ too when they ask! If you’re at all creative and crafty, I would definitely recommend DIY table decorations for your wedding. If not, I hope you’ve had some wedding decoration ideas from this post anyway!

Charlie x


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