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Weekend DIY Project: DIY Pearl, Lace & Ribbon Necklace Tutorial

Now this really is a fun DIY project for the weekend. This beautiful ribbon, pearl, lace and felt bib necklace is a real statement piece. The 1950s inspired pearls look so elegant and classic, but the chunky bib style and ribbon give it a modern arty edge. The result is stunning.

This DIY tutorial comes from Fifties Wedding reader Danielle de Luna (love that name) who has her own blog full of crafty goodness that you can visit at DSMeeBee. As you all know I am a big DIY supporter. Weddings are hugely expensive so thumbs up to any ideas that can save a few pennies. This gorgeous necklace would make a great necklace for an alternative bride, or a fab gift for a bridesmaid or mum.

Things you will need:

  • DSMeeBee – Free Bib Necklace Stencil
  • Satin Ribbon – $0.50 a yard
    • Depending on how low you want your necklace to hang get the more or less ribbon. I used 2 yards of ribbon for my necklace, 1 yard for each side.
  • 8 ½” x 11” sheet of felt – $0.50
    • Any color felt you want, I used Ivory.
  • Lace Trim – $.40 a yard
  • Loose pearls of different sizes – $2.00
    • I bought mine on Ebay!
  • 24” strand of pearls – $2.00
    • I bought mine on Ebay!
  • Foam Brush – $0.50

Things from home:

  • Scissors
  • Elmer’s Glue (or similar)
  • Gorilla Glue
    • The one that drys white and 2x faster….this stuff is crazy good but only use a little because it expands when it dries.
  • Needle and thread
  • Pen

Step 1:

Using the Bib Necklace Stencil cut to size (above) fold it in half and cut it out. Using your foam brush paint a generous amount of glue on to the lace trim and place it on to the felt. Fold the glued felt and lace in half and trace the stencil on to it, then cut it out. When you unfold the felt with the lace facing up and add more glue.

Step 2:

I used 3 different loose pearls 2 the same size and 1 larger in each rounded part of the felt bib. Layout each of the loose pearls where you want them to be and using a small dab of Gorilla Glue and stitch each loose pearl down.

Step 3:

Cut your ribbon the length you want (I used 12” for each side) and stitch the ribbon to each side of the felt bib. Using an iron fold down the end of the ribbon and iron it down and then fold it down again on top of itself and iron it again. Thread a loose pearl onto the needle and thread and stitch it onto the folded end of the ribbon. Then stitch another pearl on the opposite side of the ribbon. I used 3 pearls on each side of the ribbon totaling 6 pearls on each ribbon end.

Step 4:

Using a 24” strand of pearls was just there right amount for this bib necklace. The strand I used was perfect because each pearl had a knot holding it into place. So when I cut it to length no pearls fell off. But if you can’t find a strand of pearls like that thread the pearls onto a thin string and knot it off. Around the edge of the felt bib put a thin line of Gorilla Glue and glue down the strand pearls. Make sure you don’t put to much glue because when it dries it expands and you don’t want there to be glue residue around your pearls. Once you glue the pearls down let the whole assembly dry for at least 30 minute before you try to move it. For extra security stitch down different areas of the pearl strand but if you glue it right the Gorilla Glue should hold down the pearls without stitching.

In these 4 easy steps you can create a one-of-a-kind beautiful necklace. When people comment about how much they love it – and you know they will – you can say “I know a great jewellery designer who can make you one” and then totally brag that it was you!

Get you crafty mits on folks! If you have a DIY project or tutorial you’d like to share, do email me at

Have a lovely weekend everyone. I shall be studying, but tonight at least will be enjoying a Japanese with hubby & friends. Can’t wait!

Charlie x ♥ 

DIY Thursday – Make Your Own Wedding Cake Topper

There are some really fun ideas for DIY wedding cake toppers if you fancy something a little more alternative on your wedding cake. Before I go into today’s DIY cake topper tutorial, here are some of my favourites from around the web.

Made out of styrofoam, these penguin cake toppers are so cute and perfect for a Christmas/Winter wedding. After 3 everyone…1…2…3…”Awwwwww”.

Source – Design Sponge

I love these little DIY heart thread cake toppers, made using thread dipped in glue. V chic and so easy. They are great for cupcakes and little tasty treats too.

Source – Ruffled Blog

These ones are really quirky. Check out the link below the pic for the full tutorial on how to make them.

Source – Once Wed

If you fancy getting your paint brush out but don’t want anything too fussy, these wooden bride & groom cake toppers are simple and easy to do.

Source – My DIY Wedding Day

Being a dog-lover I just think this DIY cake topper below is FAB. The bride incorporated her and hubby’s bulldog into the wedding cake. This one is made from clay and fabric. I really like the personalised touches too – the basketball and the deputy outfit.

Source – Wedding Bee

Now this one is my absolute favourite, and indeed what inspired the choice for today’s DIY tutorial…

© Lang Photographers

So fancy getting your hands messy? Try this tutorial for a bunting wedding cake topper below. It’s ridiculously easy. This one uses felt, but vintage fabrics would work a treat too. This tutorial and pics come from Oh My.

Cut your little triangle pieces out of your felt (or other material). They don’t need to be perfect so you don’t even need the ruler. Don’t forget the cocktail sticks if you want to make smaller cake toppers too.

All you do is assemble as shown in the pics. Easy as pie. Make sure the bunting is glued completely dry before moving it though. I would leave it a whole day or overnight just to be sure.

Add to your wedding cake, and you can create something a little bit like this…

Source – Prima Donna Bride

Such a great idea for an alternative bride & groom having a retro, vintage, rustic or country wedding me thinks.

Tomorrow on the blog you must come back for the first instalment of a series of new posts that I’ll be publishing the first Friday of every month – ‘Diary of a Fifties Wedding Bride-to-Be’. So excited about this one!

See you tomorrow all!

Charlie x ♥

DIY Thursday – Make Your Own Wedding Garter

Bridal garters are an old tradition for weddings, and wearing one is considered to be lucky for the happy couple. I didn’t wear one on my wedding day, but it was purely because it didn’t even cross my mind. It’s not really priority in the ‘wedding wardrobe’, but if you have some time one weekend making your own is a fun way to be spend a few hours!

Here are some great handmade garters I have found on the net to give you some ideas…

DIY wedding garter - Source

Handmade black chiffon wedding garter – Natalie Briggs via Etsy

Handmade bow wedding garter – A Alicia Wedding

What you’ll need:

Lace, 2 types of ribbon (one wider than the other and wide enough to fit the elastic through), elastic (and any other embellishments you want to add such as beads or jewellery).

How to:

•  First you need to your lace trim. You can get lace trim in any fabric shop or haberdashery section of a department store. For some inspiration, here are some of my favourite lace trims you can buy online from MacCulloch and Wallis…

1. Cotton Daisy Broderie (£3/m)

2. Fine Spanish Lace (£3.45/m)

3. Guipure Flower Trim (£7.50/m)

4. Austrian Cotton Heart Trim (£2.65/m)

This is where it gets interesting. Miss Pony of Wedding Bee has an excellent tutorial on how to create your garter, and the following photos are all courtesy of her.

You’ll need to cut your lace trim so it’s about twice the width of your thigh. This is so that you can get the ruffles. Cut your ribbon and elastic so it’s about the width of your thigh.

• Next glue or sew the wider ribbon onto your lace trim.

• Then sew your remaining ribbon onto the wider ribbon so that it leaves a gap.

• Feed the elastic through using a safety pin to help.

• As you feed the elastic through you’ll start to see how it ruffles up.

• Sew the ends together, and you you’re nearly there. Just add your embellishments and voila!

Try adding some beads or some heirloom jewellery to make you feel even more special.


I also read that as well as bringing luck, traditionally the bride used to toss her garter to her guests. Superstition is that, rather like the bouquet, the unmarried male wedding guest who catches the garter will be the next man to get married. I can’t say I have ever been to a wedding where that has happened, but at least now I’ll know if the bride looks like she’s doing a strip-tease towards the end of the night!

I would love to hear if any of you have made your own wedding garter. Or indeed are you even having one? Please leave a comment below!

I’ll be back tomorrow with another great Fifties Friday post.

Charlie x ♥

DIY Thursday – Groomsmen T-Shirt Tutorial

These are just PERFECT for those male members of your wedding party who quite frankly you have no idea what to get for. If only I had thought of this for my own wedding. The ushers and best men were so difficult to buy for. I wanted to be a little bit different in their gifts but in the end I was very unoriginal. Well this fantastic idea is all down to Inkbox Design Boutique, who have kindly allowed me to post their tutorial for these groomsmen t-shirts on the blog today.

Lisa of Inkbox tells us how it’s done…

1. Buy blank, light colored t-shirts sized appropriately for the boys in your wedding.

2. Play around with fonts. Choose a style you like; simple, fancy, formal or fun. You can use the same font for all shirts or mix them up!

3. Size your graphics, measuring how wide across the chest you’d like your word to extend. 8″ is a good maximum width for a single word. If using the same font for all shirts, size the longest word (groomsmen in this case), and make all 3 words the same font size, so they look consistent.

4. Reverse your graphic horizontally so it’s a mirror image.  Make it whatever color you want it to be on your shirt. Save your files separately as a PDF, TIFF or JPEG . Take them, along with your blank t-shirts to your local Kinkos. They will make a transfer of your artwork and iron it on your shirt for $10. Be sure to tell them how many inches down from the top of neckline to place your graphic (4.5″ – 6″ is a good range.) Feel free to use these templates for your groomyour groomsmen and your fiance’s best man.

*You can also do this at home really easily and save even more mula. Office depot sells printable transfer sheets that you can use to print out the words using your color printer. Then, simply iron on the letters using the instructions provided on the transfers box. SO easy.

And here is a really easy, really cute way to package these babies up…

What I really love too is the packaging, which of course you can suit to match your wedding theme (or the personality of the receivers!).

Go to Icon Global to order 3″ x 12″ clear, plastic mailing tubes. You can leave as is or find cool paper to wrap the tubes with. Lay the tube over your paper, mark a line on the paper at each end of the tube. Use a triangle to draw straight, 90 degree cut lines on each side. Use either scissors or an xacto knife and straight edge to be more precise. Once the paper is cut to the exact width of the tube, line one edge with double sided tape and attach to tube. Roll paper around tube and double stick the loose edge to the tube, overlapping about an inch. Roll your t-shirt, place inside the tube, add end caps and adorn with a ribbon.

Lisa suggests some US-based places to get your materials, but of course you can get the materials from all over. In the UK, Crafty Computer Paper have the iron on transfer paper and I found some of the plastic mailing tubes at Rajapak.

For wrapping paper check out Paperchase, Hobbycraft and John Lewis.

If anyone tries this out let me know!

Big thanks to Inbox Design Boutique for the blog contribution today. Tomorrow we’re talking hair, so come back for that!

Charlie x ♥


DIY Thursday – DIY Seed Packet Favours

My friends Lizzie & Joe had seed packets for their favours at their wedding last year and I just thought it was a great idea. It’s affordable to do and something your guests can take away with them. Plus it’s something you can get really creative with and it can match your wedding theme and colours if you choose the right sort of paper.

Paperchase have gorgeous recycled rose petal cards (£4.85) that could be used and I think would be a great choice for flower seed wedding favours!

Here are some of my favourites I’ve found on the web to give you some inspiration…

Source – I Love Farm Weddings

© Cameran Ingalls via Green Wedding Shoes

© The Savage Cabbage via Etsy

© Ruffled Blog

The best seed template I have found is from Ruffled Blog – click here.

I’ve looked at loads of tutorials on the net and the best one I can find is on Ruffled Blog. Essentially you print out the template onto card/paper of your choice, cut it out and stick it together with glue or double-sided sticky tape. Then fill with your favourite seeds! So easy. Also it’s suggested to ensure that seeds remain dry, mix them with powdered milk before filling the packets (not heard that one before but good tip me thinks).

Voila. Isn’t it a fab idea!

Tomorrow on the blog we have something extra special so I’m really excited about that. It’s another shoot I organised and this time it’s 30s and 50s style wedding dresses. Eeek – can’t wait!

Ooh and don’t forget I’ll be reporting back on last night’s Love My dress soiree this weekend (it was amazing – more of that later though).

Have a great day everyone.

Charlie x ♥

DIY Thursday – Pinterest Projects: A DIY Photo Booth, Picnic Wedding Theme & Tree Cake Stand

Today’s DIY Thursday post is very topical for me. Yesterday I joined Pinterest (follow me here!). I’ve seen it mentioned on Twitter and for a few weeks now I have been meaning to check it out and see what it’s all about. Essentially it’s where you can share all your great finds on the web in one place. I haven’t yet had a chance to do my first board, but I will soon and I can’t wait! I was super pleased, therefore, when our resident DIYer Valerie chose to based her DIY post this week on Pinterest. Here she tells us her 3 favourite projects…

My 3 Favorite DIY Projects

by Valerie, The DIY Coordinator

 If you haven’t discovered the wonderful world of Pinterest yet, I urge you to explore the depths of creativity lurking in the community there.  I can spend hours there pinning and re-pining everything that catches my eye.  Remember the expression, “put a pin in it?”  Well, that’s what you do.  You create boards to which you “pin” your favorite finds.

While struggling to decide on just one DIY project for this week, I chose to feature my 3 best pins from the board, DIY Projects.  Here they are, in no particular order.  I love them all equally; and yes, they all have tutorials so dig in DIYers!

Favorite #1: DIY Photo Booth

Full tutorial featured on the Ruffled blog.  

Basically, you’re building a free-standing wall with a picture frame cut-out in the wall where folks can strike a pose.  Photo booths have been really popular lately for weddings and parties.  It’s a great way to entertain guests and loosen up a bit.  Renting a photo booth can be pricey but a DIY version can certainly save you money!  Put a kid-friendly twist on it and use it for your kid’s next birthday party too.

Favorite #2: Picnic Wedding Theme

© Wild Flowers Photo via Fabulously Wed 

So simple, romantic, and charming – this picturesque scene shows large blankets on the grass where small groups of guests are welcome to sit alongside artful baskets which are all a little different.  Each basket can contain a flower bouquet, a bottle of champagne or wine, and maybe some finger food like bread and grapes.  Then there’s the arch.  A gorgeous, nature-inspired arch adorned with flower garland marks the spot where the couple can tie the knot.  Love it!

Favorite #3:  Tree Cake Stand

Originally featured on Once Wed.

If you’ve been following this DIY Thursday series, you may notice I have a liking for things that resemble nature.  Things that incorporate natural fibers like bamboo, linen, and wood end up getting pinned to my boards at Pinterest.  This DIY project with trees and cake is no exception.  I would expect this project to be somewhat challenging so it may not be a great option for the not-so-crafty.  Then again, imperfections are what make things like this special so proceed at your own risk!

Visit Pinterest for more DIY inspirations, projects, and tutorials.  But be prepared…it’s addictive!

Big thanks to Val for sharing her favourite DIY projects this week.

You may have noticed that we have unfortunately been plagued with technical glitches from our website hosts 133-Reg this week, but hopefully all being well we will be back tomorrow when I’ll be publishing the results of the recent Fifties Wedding shoot! I’m so excited!!

Until then, have a great day everyone. Oh and please send good technical vibes my way! This week I learned that you should always back up your website. A harsh lesson learned indeed!

Charlie x ♥ 

DIY Thursday – Make Your Own Wedding Place Cards & Gratitude Place Card Tutorial

Ready to get your DIY hat on again this week? Today we have a tutorial on making your own ‘gratitude place cards’ (yes it’s a new term to me too). A gratitude place card is rather like your regular place card, only it doubles up as a thank you card. When your guests sit down to eat they also receive a little thank you message from you and your groom. So sweet!

First up I thought I’d get you in the mood with lots of ideas for wedding place cards. Here’s a little vintage & retro place card inspiration to get you started…

Above – top left retro place cards, top right popcorn place cards, middle right old Hollywod place cardsbottom left vintage fashion illustration place cards, bottom right sandy polka dot place cards

I’m also loving these unusual ideas below if you’re looking for unique wedding place cards. Some of these you can buy, but for creative types you can use them as inspiration to make your own too.

Above – top left hanger place cards (£5 for 10 via Creative & Contemporary), top right oak leaf place card ($1.50 via Magpie Paperworks), bottom right scrabble ‘place card’, deck chair place cards

For something a little more simple how about adding your own ribbon to card? It doesn’t take long and can transform plain card.

Above – from Maple Mountain Designs

Above – from ICI Paper

Now it’s over to our regular DIY expert Valerie to tell us more about gratitude place cards and give us her DIY tutorial on how to make them!

Gratitude Place Card Tutorial

By Valerie Owens of The DIY Coordinator

The people you invite to your wedding are special to you. They share a connection with you through family, friends, work, or maybe even on a spiritual level. The single most important way you can make them feel as special as you do is to give thanks in a personal and unexpected way. That is what gratitude place cards are all about.

As a wedding guest, it is always nice to see a spot at the dinner table reserved especially for you. Casual wedding with less than 25 guests may not need place cards but the gratitude place card is never something you need at a wedding; it is something you wish to incorporate as a special touch to make each guest feel noticed, appreciated, and welcome. Gratitude place cards are ideal for small weddings because you can include a personalized note inside an envelope labeled with the guest’s name.

The idea for gratitude place cards was born from the lovely Martha Stewart Weddings website. Martha calls the project a “propped note” and the picture is shown below. I’ve come up with 4 easy steps to create your own gratitude place cards.

Step 1. The Paper

Find the smallest envelope you can, perhaps a 3 x 5 inch (approximately 8 x 13 centimeters) and cut your own cards from cardstock or purchase pre-cut cards to match the envelope size. These small sizes are typically used for the RSVP inserts within your invitations. If you’re already making your own invites, buy extra envelopes and cards for this project.

Step 2. The Ink

Your approach to the next step will depend on your own artistic ability. If you have great handwriting or know some calligraphy, you can write your own cards. If you lack that artistic hand, you can visit the craft store and get the materials and supplies for rubber stamping. You’ll need a full alphabet as well as some pre-set thank you messages. Alternatively, you can pay a professional calligrapher to ink the gratitude place cards.

Step 3. The Text

Each envelope should be inked with the name of each guest. A tiny thank you card goes inside each envelope with a special message of thanks. Do not use the same thank-you phrase for each guest; use a variety of messages so that no one at the same table gets a duplicate card.

Step 4. The Display

The way you display the place cards is completely up for interpretation. In the example from Martha Stewart, the card is propped in between the tines of a dessert fork at the top of each place setting. You may wish to simply place each card on a linen napkin at each seat.

I’ve seen projects like these used for table assignments as well where the inside card has a table number on it. You could double-up and write the thank-you message on the back of the card with the table number; however, I think the unexpected thank you card at the guest’s place setting speaks volumes of gratitude in a very thoughtful way. One other suggestion might be to include the address where you or the new couple will be residing on the back of each thank you card. This way, people will hold on to the token of thanks and remember to add you into their address book when they get home!


Thanks Valerie!

Tomorrow we have something great for Fifties Friday. It involves something you don’t see often on the blog…men! Hehe – you’ll just have to come back tomorrow to find out more!

 Charlie x ♥

Fifties Friday – A Hot Pink Grease-Inspired Retro Wedding

Take a little bit of Grease, mix it in with some 50s dresses and some DIY bits, add a dash of polka dots and a sprinkling of hot pink and you’ll get something rather like Rebecca & Nick’s wedding. The happy couple got married last month at Ridgmont House in Horwich (Bolton, UK) in awesome 50s style, and here are some highlights of their fabulous wedding. It looks like a lot of fun!

© Paul Barron

Here’s why Rebecca went for a 50s style wedding…

I love all the bright colours, polka dots, full skirts, make up and hair styles that were the fashion in the 50s. Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn were the two main icons that I took inspiration from – they were fabulous women! I also took inspiration from Grease, for the dresses and decorations – and we played some Grease songs on the night just so the bridesmaids and I could have a spin on the dance floor.

I had never thought about the kind of wedding I wanted, I just knew a traditional wedding wasn’t really us. We love everything retro so when I came across fifties style weddings I knew it would be perfect for us.

© Paul Barron

The planning all started of course with Nick’s proposal…

We were on holiday at his parents cottage in Brittany, France in August 2010, we agreed to go for a nice meal one night to a posh 5* restaurant next to the near by lake, we’d been before with his parents so I didn’t think anything of it. While we were waiting for our dessert, he took my hand, pulled out the ring and popped the question – I was in total shock, and initially forgot to say yes!

© Paul Barron

From that day on Rebecca took to wedding planning like a duck to water!  So much so in fact she is looking into studying Events Management and Wedding Planning. Here’s what Rebecca told me about her wedding day…

Nick and I love everything Retro, from old-skool computer games to cute camper vans and deckchairs to retro sweets, our house is full of retro bits and even the decor is bright and bold! I’m quite a creative person, with qualifications in Interior Design so discovering fifties style weddings made me so excited, I could play around with decorations and the look of the whole day,have fun with it all and I knew it would be a day that everyone would remember. The little things I had planned made the day what it was! I researched facts and quotes from the 50s and from 50′ icons, and presented each one on a tag with a strawberry lace as the string – each person had a fifties quote or fact at their seat and I tried to make these as relevant to the particular person as I could. The table’s were named after various retro sweets, each person had a bag of sweets as a favour and we had a huge candy buffet for in the evening (all made by me, minus the cakes that were made by my wonderful sister in law), so I though the strawberry laces were a good idea and brought everything together. Instead of a guest book we had luggage tags for guests to write their messages on and then peg up on a line of string, we had Bangers and Mash with onion gravy and apple pie and custard for our meal which was gorgeous and went down really well  – and the photo booth was hilarious!

I love the idea of a candy buffet. Very impressed that Rebecca used her DIY wedding skills and set it all up herself! The luggage tags are a great idea too.

© Paul Barron

Looks like they had great fun with the photo booth. Funny it never occurred to me to have one when I was planning my own wedding. If I had thought of it then I would have done it too!

© Paul Barron

After my recent post about the first dance dilemma I was also interested to know whether Rebecca and Nick had one!

Yes we had a first dance, we aren’t really dancers and didn’t like the idea of a romantic dance – it’s just not us, so we decided on You got the love by Candi Staton – didn’t keep in with the theme but most of our music was what we like rather than sticking to the 50′s. Our last dance went down better – we ended with Ian Brown – Stellify, which is one of our favorite songs and really uplifting, I will remember that feeling forever! We did have a rat pack singer while we were eating our meal too, so that was the 50s themed music part of the day.

What great song choices! I’m loving the Ian Brown song.

© Paul Barron

So what about those fabulous dresses too? I was delighted to hear that they were all made by our very own Fifties Wedding sponsor Louise from Oh My Honey (see Louise’s most recent feature on her 50s dresses here).

The amazing Louise O’Mahony made my dress, I told her what kind of thing I wanted and we designed the perfect dress together. I actually chose my dress around the bridesmaid dresses. All of my bridesmaid’s were different shapes and sizes, and so I wanted something that they would all suit, that’s when I discovered Louise and her fab fifties dresses! So I decided on the pink polka dot dresses for the girls and then decided to go for a fifties style dress myself to pull the whole theme together – and it meant I could show of some amazing pink shoes!

© Paul Barron

Did you notice the shoes?

© Paul Barron

Finally I’ll leave you all with Rebecca’s one top tip for brides-to-be…

Plan your wedding as you want it, don’t worry about what other’s might think. It’s not a traditional wedding, and I think everybody enjoyed our day for that reason.

© Paul Barron

For more on Rebecca and Nick’s suppliers, please see the list below. Big thanks to Rebecca and her photographer Paul Barron for sharing the photos with us, and do have a nosey at Rebecca’s own blog too!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone. I am so glad it’s arrived. For the first time in ages I am doing nothing so finally have a chance to catch-up on blog things and household chores (wild weekend for me eh).

Charlie x ♥



DIY Thursday – Make Your Own Garland

DIY garlands can be such a pretty addition to a vintage or country wedding especially I think. They add that rustic charm. On the blog today we have various ideas for how to make your own garlands. Get those DIY fingers out!

(c) MarthaStewart .com

By Valerie Owens
of The DIY Coordinator

A garland is a seasonal decoration that can be made ahead of time using whatever materials you fancy. Tissue paper, silk leaves and flower petals, or even shells can be used to make your own garland. What’s great about a garland is it can be made for your wedding decorations and recycled in your seasonal home décor afterwards. Popular uses for garland include altar decorations, colorful backdrops for photographs, and table decorations. A DIY garland is a versatile, affordable, and completely fool proof!

DIY garlands are also a great choice for anyone who wants to save some money and incorporate handmade details. No matter what your color scheme, decorative theme, or mood you need to achieve, garland adds texture, color, and flow to your design. There are so many types of garland available in the stores but they are not cheap. Go to the craft store for inspiration and look for the pieces to recreate your own version for less money.

Check out these DIY garland ideas for every season; complete with tutorials!

Tissue Paper Garland

In the spring, a tissue paper garland in pastel hues adds an airy and artistic element. Tissue paper flowers have become popular in bouquets, centerpieces, and hair accessories. Creating a garland with tissue paper flowers to match is a great way to tie together the design elements in the ceremony and reception. Dahlias, pom-poms, and carnations are great flowers that can be made with tissue paper.

(c) Ruffled Blog

For the full tutorial visit Ruffled Blog.

Seashell Garland

Multiple strings of seashells hanging vertically is a perfect summertime garland design.  If you’re looking for a unique design element for a beach wedding theme, seashell garland is the way to go.  You can use freshly picked seashells for a natural and organic feel or smooth, shell medallions for a modern twist. 

(c) Completely Coastal

For the full tutorial visit Completely Coastal.

Leaf Garland

An autumn/fall wedding is beautiful with sunflowers beaming and warm shades of autumn leaves.  You can find pre-made garland with sunflowers and fall flowers everywhere but you can save money and make a unique garland yourself!  Check out the closeout stores and bulk craft shops for clearance fall leaves and flowers.  Or make a garland from synthetic tree branches and herbs. Even string some small lights throughout the garland for a romantic mood.

(c) Lorajean’s Magazine

For the full tutorial visit Lorajean’s Magazine.

Snowflake Garland

If you’re looking for winter wedding décor ideas, how about a snowflake garland?  You can make it yourself with no matter what level of craftiness you have.  The end product is bound to be unique and something you are proud of.  Check out this lovely snowflake garland made from doilies!

(c) Hello Naomi

For the full tutorial visit  Hello Naomi.

Thank you Val for those brilliant ideas! I think those leaf garlands are a great idea and cost virtually nothing if you can find all your leaves on the ground. All for a bit of budget decoration me!

If you are after any DIY wedding advice please do get in touch and I’m sure Valerie and I can help with the ideas, inspiration and tutorials that you need.

Have a lovely day everyone.

Charlie x

DIY Thursday – Make Your Own Cake Stands (it’s so easy)

So you’ve got your scrumptious cupcakes or pretty little canapes. What are you going to put them on? This week we’re talking DIY cake stands!

Tree stump cake stand © Murakami Photography, blue plate cake stand © Sarah Ortega Photography, © pink spotty paper cake stand Cake Journal


Cake stands are surprisingly easy to make (if only I had known this earlier). This pink oh so retro cake stand above is made from using spotty wrapping paper glue onto cake styrofoam cake dummies and cake boards. Now how good an idea is that? John Lewis have the perfect spotty gift wrap for only £3.50, and I rather like this John Lewis cupcake design too (also £3.50)…

Or if you’ve got some old vases and plates that would look simply perfect in your vintage themed wedding, mix and match them rather like these fab DIY cake stands below. For the full cake stand DIY tutorial visit Design Sponge. Essentially though it’s as easy as 1-2-3. You’ll need some heavy duty tape and maybe a trip to your local charity shop to get the vases perhaps, but not much more!

© Kate Pruitt

One of my favourite has to be this red cake stand made from old plates and glasses and then paint them a glossy colour of your choice.

© and tutorial – Queen M of Punky & Me

Our resident DIY expert Val from the DIY Coordinator gives her thoughts too on DIY cake stands…

In the hunt for a glamorous DIY project this week, I happen to catch a glimpse of these beautiful jewelled cake stands made by artist Sarah Montes. You can find her shop on Etsy and her charming cake stands on the blog at Glamour & Grace, a place for the modern vintage bride.

© Samantha Mandernacht

The neat thing about DIY cake stands is that you can make them any size and color you wish. A popular trend is to make small cakes double as centrepieces and table décor. Two in one!

This DIY creation takes a wooden candle holder and glues it to the bottom of a wooden plate. The wood is stained or painted however you see fit and embellished with some lace and crystals. The crystals in the picture below can be found in antique stores and were once part of a chandelier. The full list of supplies and some handy directions can found at Glamour & Grace.

Another resource for custom crystal creations: Tiers of Joy. Check out this lavish cake stand available on their Etsy site. It is made with genuine crystals and they will even add LED lights to it!

I am definitely going to be making my own cake stands this weekend (Ant and I are having a barbecue this weekend in aid of the Epilepsy Society). I think I’m going to have a go at that wrapping paper cake stand. I’ll post a pic on Twitter if it turns out ok!

Charlie x


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