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DIY Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas

Now I know this isn’t wedding-related, but as it’s the week before Christmas I am in full festive swing and I just had to do a post on Christmas tree decoration ideas. It’s always one of the things I look forward to most about Christmas – decorating the tree with cheesy Christmas songs in the background, a glass of mulled wine and a mince pie. Every year we have the same decorations, though we always add at least one new one. In twenty years time then we might have quite a heavy tree!

This year I made a few DIY decorations as we’re watching our pennies at the moment. OK they’re not too professional-looking, but they were so much fun to make! Also I take great pleasure in their uniqueness :) So today on the blog I’m showcasing DIY Christmas tree decorations.

First up (and I do these every year), I made a Christmas cracker using the inside cardboard from toilet rolls, spare wrapping paper and ribbon. This is so easy to do, and great for using up those leftover
bits that otherwise would go in the bin.

© Fifties Wedding


I love those felt crackers above – what a good idea! Too much cardboard doesn’t look very good on a Christmas tree, and it’s just as easy to make decorations out of felt. Somehow they look far more chic and sophisticated!

Left – Source, Right – Source

Especially loving these hanging Santa outfits – so much fun!

Left – Source, Right – Source

For something ultra funky and special, I just love these felt Christmas tree lights. Amazing!


In an effort to get even more messy, I also made a Christmas pud decoration this year out of paper mache. All you need is flour and water for the mix and old newspaper. Stick the mache-covered newspaper to a small balloon and dry in a warm place overnight. The next day you can paint your balls to be Christmas puds or however you like, and then pop the balloon and hang them up with ribbon when they’re dry. Yes I’m a big kid. I love it. I’ve found some great designs to paint your own paper mache baubles – much better than mine actually!


I also painted some plain wooden balls that I got from an art shop. You can really run free with this one. The best thing is you can just paint over them if you don’t like your design next year!

© Fifties Wedding

© Fifties Wedding

You can’t beat homemade treats on the tree either, though with a dog I opted not to! However, if you are dog-free I would recommend this recipe from Nigella Lawson from her book Nigella’s Christmas Kitchen (2007).


For the biscuits:

  • 3 1/2 ounces (100 grams) unsalted butter, softened
  • 3 1/2 ounces (100 grams) soft dark sugar
  • 10 1/2 ounces (300 grams) plain flour, plus extra for dusting
  • Pinch salt
  • 1 teaspoon baking powder
  • 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
  • 1/4 teaspoon ground cloves
  • 1 to 2 teaspoons freshly ground black pepper
  • 2 large free-range eggs, beaten
  • 4 tablespoons clear honey
  • For the icing and trimmings
  • 10 1/2 ounces (300 grams) instant royal icing sugar (made to packet instructions)
  • 3 tablespoons water
  • Gold or silver sugar balls or sprinkles


Florist’s ribbon or wire, for hanging

Special equipment: Set of Christmas cutters

Preheat oven to 325 degrees F (170 degrees C).

Place the butter and sugar in a clean bowl and mix together vigorously with a wooden spoon until the color and texture of the mixture becomes pale. Place the mixture into the bowl of a food processor and add the flour, salt, baking powder, cinnamon, cloves and freshly ground black pepper. Blend the mixture. While the food processor is blending, gradually pour the eggs and honey down the funnel of the food processor’s lid into the bowl until a dough has formed (you may not require all of the liquid if the dough has come together before it is used up). If the dough is too dry add a little water to the mixture. If the dough is too wet add a little flour.

Halve the dough. Wrap 1 half of the dough in cling film, place it into a freezer bag, and refrigerate. Place the other half of the dough onto a floured work surface. Roll the dough, with a rolling pin, into a disk to about 1/4-inch thick. Using a set of Christmas biscuit cutters, cut decoration shapes out of the dough. Re-roll the remaining dough and cut out more shapes until the dough is used up. Remove the second half of the dough from the fridge and repeat this process. With the pointed end of a small icing nozzle, puncture a hole just below the top of each decoration (through which ribbon or wire can later be threaded to hang them). Arrange the decorations on baking sheets lined with a layer of reusable silicon baking parchment and cook for 20 minutes or until they are cooked through and golden-brown in color. Transfer the decorations to a wire rack to cool.

Prepare the icing according to the packet instructions (the icing texture should be liquid enough to be easy to apply but thick enough not to run off the decorations). Ice the decorations using a teaspoon (use the tip of the spoon for dripping the icing onto the decoration and the back of the teaspoon for smoothing). Sprinkle the gold or silver balls over the decorations and press them gently onto the icing. Cut the ribbon into short lengths and thread the ribbon through the holes in the decorations. Tie the decorations to what ever needs decorating with the ribbon.

You can put your treats in little fabric stockings.

Left - © Fifties Wedding, Right – Source

This photo gave me an idea to do mittens too…that would be so cute.


Or hanging up your treats with ribbon is just as good!

Left – Source, Right – Source

…and here’s our tree decorating in all its glory!

© Fifties Wedding

© Fifties Wedding

Happy Christmas everyone!! Not long to go now :) Feel free to post your Christmas tree pics on the Fifties Wedding Facebook page. I would love to see them!

Charlie x

The Little Details – Top 10 Decoration Ideas for a Vintage Wedding

There’s a saying about getting enjoyment from ‘the little things in life’, and in my opinion it’s no different for weddings. Spending time on thinking about those little details can be so much fun, and most of the time there’s little if any cost involved. It’s more about DIY and having an eye for styling. This kind of thing is right up my street, and while not every guest might notice your little details, you can bet your bottom dollar that those that do will be wowed. It’s those little touches that get people talking, and it all helps to give make your wedding a special and unique. SO here are my Top 10 ‘Little Details’…

1. Somewhere to put your cards…

Left – © Christina Carroll Photography, Left – Love Me Do Photography

© Jonas Peterson

2. Flowers in different kinds of bottles…

Left – © Christina Carroll Photography, Right - Amy and Stuart Photography

© Edyta Szyszlo Photography

3. Vintage books on tables…

Left - © Catie Ronquillo Photography , Right - © Steve Gerrard Photography


4. Unusual chair-back decorations…

© Ben Q Photography

© Jonas Peterson 

© Kate Harrison

© Rebecca Arthurs

5. Light up your tables in style…

Left – Emma Case , Right – © Natasja Kremers

© Clayton Austin

© Stephanie Williams Photography

6. Let it hang…

© Xavier Navarro Photographie

© Jay Rowden

Source – Not on the High

7. Old family photos…

© Eliza Claire Photography

Left – © Eliza Claire Photography, Right – © Gabriel Ryan Photography 

© Dan O’Day 

8. Vintage treasures…

© Sarah Tew Photography

© Nadine Photography

9. Old furniture...

Left – © Geneoh Photography, Right – © Rebecca Arthurs

© Heather España 

10. Vintage plates…

© Geneoh Photography

© Natasja Kremers

© Rebecca Arthurs

What do you think? Would love to hear about your own little details too, so do leave some of your own ideas in the comment box below.

On another note, I wish you all a lovely weekend. I’m off the the Luxury Wedding Show tomorrow morning which should be fun. I’m particularly looking forward to seeing those Candy Anthony dresses! I will of course report back :)

Happy Friday!

Charlie x ♥

Tuesday Treasures – Ideas for an Autumn Wedding

Before I launch into my Autumnal Tuesday Treasures this week, here’s a little bit of and introduction and my inspiration…

OK I know we’re not quite there yet, but as it’s 1st September in a couple of days there’s no denying that Autumn is on its way. It’s not all just rainy days and chilly evenings though. Autumn weather is mostly pretty mild in the daytime but without that summer humidity. I like it mostly though because the light and colours of the season are magnificent. It’s a great time of year to have a wedding – think of those wonderful colourful backdrops in your photographs of those autumn leaves and trees.

© Sweet Little Photographs

There’s a certain ambience I think Autumn lends itself too, and you’ll find having your wedding at this time of the year may make it easier to find wedding photographers and other suppliers who often get booked up first in the summer months. If you are thinking of having an Autumn/Fall wedding theme, then these are the sorts of things that may inspire you…

Colours – browns, golds, creams, orange, rusty reds, greens.

Textures - wood, leaves, twigs, sunflowers.

Atmosphere – warm, rustic, shabby chic, nature.

To help create that warm Autumnal atmosphere I love the idea of paper lanterns.

Left © Susan Jackson Photography via Oh So Happily Married & right © Union Photography via Project Wedding

Why not bring the outside in to help create your Autumn wedding theme? Twigs make great features, as do those gorgeous Autumnal leaves in orange & red colours.

Left pic source & right pic source

So now onto this week’s Tuesday Treasures! All of the below treasures ship abroad and are available to buy online via the links, and I’ve sneaked in a couple of DIY ideas too (couldn’t resist – you know I love a good DIY project!).

1. Natural leaf lantern (supplied with tea light) from Coasting Along via Not On The High Street.Com (£15).

2. Mr & Mrs pumpkin wedding cake toppers from Aphrodite’s Canvas ($26USD)

3. Mr & Mrs vintage style shabby crackle wooden wedding signs from Sunday Treasures ($34USD)

4. Autumn wedding bunting from Blue Moon Studios ($32USD)

5. Autumn table number cards from Paper Girl Studios ($15USD)

6. Vintage Autumn leaf confetti from Ddeforest ($15USD)

7. Rose Cottage day invitation from Knots & Kisses (from £3.45)

8. Orange 12″ paper lanterns from The Hanging Lantern Company (£2.99 each or £2.50 for 50)

9. Fabric Autumn leaf garland from Artfully Sew ($26USD)

10. Jars filled with conkers, cinnamon sticks & other Autumn goodies – a fab DIY idea (Photo © Blue Sky Photography)

11. ‘Eat Me’ party pics from Vintage Twee (£3.25 for pack of eight)

12. Jar with yellow ribbon filled with your favourite snack – easy DIY idea from I Do Inspiration

13. Paper acorn favour boxes from Paper Acorn ($4USD)

14. Pumpkins under glass cake display jars – great idea via Country Living

15. Wooden heart lantern from This is Pretty (£9.75)

16. Scented candles from Ikea (£1.69 for 36 – bargain)


Who else is having an Autumn wedding? Do leave your comments below!

Charlie x ♥

DIY Thursday – Make Your Own Garland

DIY garlands can be such a pretty addition to a vintage or country wedding especially I think. They add that rustic charm. On the blog today we have various ideas for how to make your own garlands. Get those DIY fingers out!

(c) MarthaStewart .com

By Valerie Owens
of The DIY Coordinator

A garland is a seasonal decoration that can be made ahead of time using whatever materials you fancy. Tissue paper, silk leaves and flower petals, or even shells can be used to make your own garland. What’s great about a garland is it can be made for your wedding decorations and recycled in your seasonal home décor afterwards. Popular uses for garland include altar decorations, colorful backdrops for photographs, and table decorations. A DIY garland is a versatile, affordable, and completely fool proof!

DIY garlands are also a great choice for anyone who wants to save some money and incorporate handmade details. No matter what your color scheme, decorative theme, or mood you need to achieve, garland adds texture, color, and flow to your design. There are so many types of garland available in the stores but they are not cheap. Go to the craft store for inspiration and look for the pieces to recreate your own version for less money.

Check out these DIY garland ideas for every season; complete with tutorials!

Tissue Paper Garland

In the spring, a tissue paper garland in pastel hues adds an airy and artistic element. Tissue paper flowers have become popular in bouquets, centerpieces, and hair accessories. Creating a garland with tissue paper flowers to match is a great way to tie together the design elements in the ceremony and reception. Dahlias, pom-poms, and carnations are great flowers that can be made with tissue paper.

(c) Ruffled Blog

For the full tutorial visit Ruffled Blog.

Seashell Garland

Multiple strings of seashells hanging vertically is a perfect summertime garland design.  If you’re looking for a unique design element for a beach wedding theme, seashell garland is the way to go.  You can use freshly picked seashells for a natural and organic feel or smooth, shell medallions for a modern twist. 

(c) Completely Coastal

For the full tutorial visit Completely Coastal.

Leaf Garland

An autumn/fall wedding is beautiful with sunflowers beaming and warm shades of autumn leaves.  You can find pre-made garland with sunflowers and fall flowers everywhere but you can save money and make a unique garland yourself!  Check out the closeout stores and bulk craft shops for clearance fall leaves and flowers.  Or make a garland from synthetic tree branches and herbs. Even string some small lights throughout the garland for a romantic mood.

(c) Lorajean’s Magazine

For the full tutorial visit Lorajean’s Magazine.

Snowflake Garland

If you’re looking for winter wedding décor ideas, how about a snowflake garland?  You can make it yourself with no matter what level of craftiness you have.  The end product is bound to be unique and something you are proud of.  Check out this lovely snowflake garland made from doilies!

(c) Hello Naomi

For the full tutorial visit  Hello Naomi.

Thank you Val for those brilliant ideas! I think those leaf garlands are a great idea and cost virtually nothing if you can find all your leaves on the ground. All for a bit of budget decoration me!

If you are after any DIY wedding advice please do get in touch and I’m sure Valerie and I can help with the ideas, inspiration and tutorials that you need.

Have a lovely day everyone.

Charlie x

Wedding Wednesday Feature – New Sponsor Sweet Words and Win Your Retro Wedding Invitations in our Competition

Would you like to win these fab retro wedding invitations in colours of your choice? Can you think of a good name for this design range? If yes then keep on reading!

On the blog today I’m delighted to welcome our new sponsor Sweet Words Stationery & Accessories, who design and make gorgeous wedding stationery and accessories. It’s also extra exciting because today we’re also launching a competition in conjunction with this fab little business where you can win 30 of these gorgeous wedding invitations.

Firstly though, Ruth of Sweet Words told me more about her business and how it came about.

I’ve always loved design and as my mum says always been arty farty which does mean my house is full of bits and pieces I pickup from craft shops and markets. I was also made redundant in October so I thought this is obviously fate! I like seeing something coming together especially if it’s a bespoke design and customers are really pleased. I think an invite is really special whatever the event and sets precedent on what kind of do it will be! However the business has developed slightly with brides asking me where they could get some of the props I use for events so I decided to start selling pretty things that can be used creatively. There is a new blog on the way for all this!

I love Ruths mix of colourful, retro and unique designs – like these boarding pass/ticket style invites below. How cool are they?! Perfect for any wedding abroad I think. The vintage postcard invitations would be great for a wedding abroad too. I just think they are fab.

Or how about these z-fold invitations. Ultra cool.

Sweet Words also do menus and place names.

Recently Sweet Words have branched into accessories too. Aren’t these signs just so cute? They would make gorgeous retro wedding decorations for your reception venue.

wedding sign

Sweet Words accessories - heart chalkboard

With such a wide range of designs it’s obvious Ruth takes her inspiration from many things. I asked her a bit more about it…

I have defiantly developed my design style over the last 6 months though experience and from what customers have wanted. I look at interior styles and what’s in fashion. I love all the vintage look (I don’t mind what era!) I particularly like patterns, bold shapes and colours. For a 50s-inspired bride the new spotty range totally fits the bill. So very retro – I love it! It can be customised to your wedding colours too. Gorgeous! Ruth also told me what she loves most about her job… I like the people I have met through being in business. There are some really creative people out there and its inspiring to see. I like how my mind has been opened and its made me think out of the box which I should have been doing more off! I just love designing full stop and seeing people happy because of that is a big buzz!

I always ask this question, but I think it’s an important one!…Ruth’s one top tip for all those brides-to-be reading this?

Enjoy the whole planning of it. You really don’t need to get stressed. One thing about the wedding industry from the businesses I have met – they always want everything perfect and go that extra mile.

♥    Now more on that competition!    ♥

To win 30 of these 50s-style spotty wedding invitations all you have to do is these two small things…


♥ Think of a name for this new design range from Sweet Words Stationery.

♥ Email me your suggested name at with the words ‘invitation competition’ as the subject header.


Each invitation is 125mm by 125mm folded card with insert and envelope (normal price £1.90 each (50 plus) or £2.10 order under 50). You can pick your colours too.

Please leave your name and contact details and email by 31st July 2011. Ruth of Sweet Words will pick her favourite name and the winner will be contacted and announced early August.

♥ Good luck ♥

Huge thanks to Sweet Words Stationery & Accessories for contributing to the blog today and for the competition. Please take a look at her products in the Fifties Wedding Shop and on her website.

Have a great day all.

Charlie x ♥

DIY Thursday – Vintage Glassware

This week DIY Val gives us her thoughts on wedding table decoration ideas using vintage glassware. Other table decorations generally get a back seat to flowers at weddings (see my previous post on flowers as table decorations here), but you can do so much more! I would suggest from now you start digging out those old jars and glass vases!


By Valerie Owens of The DIY Coordinator

It’s no secret that vintage is hot right now. Some may call it antique or old fashioned but I call it vintage. Vintage glassware can easily be repurposed as a flower vase, light fixture, or candle holder. My own wedding will be adorned with loads of vintage glassware scattered on every table, mantle, and windowsill in sight!

Use vintage glassware to create a mood that sends romantic vibes to everyone around. Clear glass, colored glass, white milk glass – take your pick. The pink and white eye candy you pictured here was found at décor8blog.

© Leslie Shewring (A Creative Mint)

The type of glassware you choose can be matched with the style of your event. Consider the other elements in your décor and decide if you want an upscale, sophisticated look or a down-home, country feel. For the fancy appeal, look for dessert dishes, champagne flutes, and perfume bottles. For a low-key look, the best options are coke bottles, bud vases, and jars.

Using glass mason jars or jelly jars has become popular for country-style wedding themes. These jars are not necessary vintage unless they’ve been picked from a real antique store. The jars sold in regular stores today are much less expensive than the vintage ones but you can tell a difference. Most vintage jars are tinted slightly green and the glass may be thicker. The ones in the photo are from and are similar to what you can buy in the stores today.

© Labor of Love

When it comes to DIY wedding favors, the goal is to send guests home with a personalized favor in style. If you have a favorite flower incorporated into your décor, it would be most appropriate to send your guests home with a vase that holds a single stem of your favorite beauty. If your theme is more about the food, some folks have used glass jars as containers to send guests home with the ingredients for their favorite cupcake recipe. Get the tutorial for this DIY cupcake in a jar from Cakies. An organic or natural themed wedding may feature jars filled with herbs.

© Rubyellen (Cakies)

DIY wedding decorations can also feature vintage glassware. A collection of vases and bottles arranged together like the ones in the photo from is a perfect example.

© Amy Moss

One of my favorite DIY projects is to take a dozen glass jars and pour rocks in the bottom of each jar. Drop in a LED tealight and line them up on a windowsill when the sun goes down. This creates a very nice look for a wedding or home.

Val ♥

DIY Flowers – Ribbon Flower Tutorial


Now how PRETTY are these? The best thing – you can make them yourself! Just pick your ribbon and some glass beads and keep reading.

Today’s DIY tutorial is on how to make your own ribbon flowers, and is a guest post by the fabulous ‘Mrs Beagle’ (aka Liz) who contributes to Wedding Bee. I love these ribbon flowers and they are just perfect to add a personal flowery touch to favours, decorations, shoes, hair accessories, bridesmaid dresses, mother of the bride outfits or even your own wedding dress. You can add them to almost anything in fact. I’m thinking of making one to attach to an old clutch bag. Even better they won’t break the bank. Aren’t they gorgeous? For more on Mrs Beagle’s fab ideas you can check out her blog here. Go on you creative types – start ribbon shopping!


  • Ribbon (I used 1 1/2″ width w/ the wire-lined edges- it stays in place better) OR 44″/45″ fabric (I used special occasion fabric).
  • Co-ordinating thread -needle -buttons, beads, (or you can just use thread), to use as embellishment

Before you begin

  • Thread your needle and tie a knot at one end. Put aside to be used for later.
  • Cut about 22″-24″ of ribbon from your spool.
  • Fold fabric in half, selvage to selvage. After squaring up your fabric , cut a 1 1/2″ wide strip.

1. Start by folding over the ribbon/fabric on one end to make a pleat like this:

2. Continue holding the pleat against the edge of the ribbon/fabric with one hand. This will be the center of the flower. Continuing making new pleats towards the center while holding the existing pleats together:

3. Continue this process until you reach the starting point:

4. Begin a new row on top of the first row, while continuing to hold the ribbon/fabric together at the center. Pleat until you can pleat no more!…um, or until you have reached the end of the ribbon/fabric:

5. Collect the threaded ribbon and sew through the middle of the flower, making close, small stitches:

Make sure the flower stays together without having to hold it.

6. Petals:

To make petals (as I did with my shoe flowers), I just used a small pair of scissors to cut petal shapes into the fabric.  I also sewed a glass-like button to the middle of the flower.

7. Embellishments:

Add anything else as you see fit :)

Ta da!

Prefect way to spend an hour on a Sunday afternoon me thinks!

Have a lovely day everyone. Tomorrow I’m very excited to be showcasing the talents of a new business on the blog – can’t wait!

Charlie x

Ideas for a 1950s Seaside-Inspired Wedding


The weather has been simply glorious so far this bank holiday weekend, and who can’t help but thinking of holidays, sunshine and beaches when it’s like this. Beach weddings lend themselves to a whole wealth of ideas for favours, table decorations and other decorations for your outdoor wedding reception. I also think for a 50s-inspired bride the beach is a perfect setting as the shorter 50s style dresses mean you won’t get your dress sandy and wet! On the blog today I’ve found some ideas for a perfect 50s-inspired beach wedding.

Firstly, ice-cream cones are an absolute must. Accompanied by 50s American diner style canapes such as mini burgers and hot dogs and a barbecue, this is perfect food for a beach wedding me thinks. Some retro American diner style cupcakes would be a great match too. Ask your cake baker to make some chocolate fudge sundae cupcakes just like these ones below from Genii Cupcakes, or serve up these fab 50s milkshake cupcakes. Bakerella shows you how to do it DIY here.

Above – Betty the 1950s ice-cream van from Vintage Scoops

To make your own DIY wedding ice-cream cones (below), check out 100 Layer Cake which gives step-by-step instructions on how to do it.

For some fabulous beach-side dresses a shorter 50s dress is a must – just like these ones below by Dolly Couture.

(c) – unknown

For the decor I think bunting and lanterns would look fantastic. White bunting is perfect for a beach wedding, but I also think polka dots and retro stripes would look the part for a 50s-inspired seaside wedding. I just love this bunting below by Little Solksden (£11 for 10 flags).

For something a little different these hanging vintage wedding plates by The Mad Planter ($40) would be an unusual feature on the beach and somewhere for you to put confetti for your guests to throw.

For your tables these little wooden boats are just so lovely too. These ones are made by Signs of Vintage ($10.55).

Your tables have got to be rustic and wooden too – to give that sea-worn look. I also love the idea of scattered cushions on the beach for guests to sit on.

For a beach wedding you must get some sand brushes for your guests to write messages in the sand too. You can do this easily and cheaply yourself by buying any wooden brushes from your local DIY store and then decorating with some fab retro 50s-style ribbon.

I think having a seaside or beach wedding is such a beautiful setting to get married. If you are having a 50s-inspired wedding by the sea please do get in touch – we’d love to hear from you!

For now, I am just going to dream of the sea as I enjoy the London sunshine today. Have a fab Easter weekend everyone!

Charlie x


How to Have a 1950s Wedding Tea Party

It’s finally March! Goodbye gloves & winter coat, hello sunshine, daffodils, Ant’s birthday and an end to those dark mornings (nearly). It also gets me excited about the summer months ahead, with dreams of BBQs on the decking and cold glasses of prosecco in the sun. Ah bliss. When the sun shines it is perfect opportunity to celebrate all things outside, and today on the blog we’ve got inspiration for those of you thinking about having an intimate fifties wedding or perhaps a sophisticated 1950s inspired hen do….a good old fashioned tea party!

The inspiration behind this began with Johanna Hehir’s 1950s Tea Party collection. Pastels, vintage crockery, an 50s ice-cream van, cakes and short fifties dresses were meant to be together. A photographers dream me thinks!


(c) Photos - Jayesh Pankhania, Dresses - Johanna Hehir, Crockery - My Vintage Day, Ice-cream can - Vintage Scoops

So what do you need to create your 1950s tea party? Well let’s start with the tea! You’ll need some beautiful vintage crockery to start with. There are lots of places to hire your cups and saucers if you don’t have your own. Fill tea cups with pimms and kir royales, vintage cake stands with homemade biscuits and old sugar pots with jam to have with scones….mmmm yummy!

Above – cakes tands, teacups and sugar pot available for hire from The Tea Set (who have the most fab website – please have a look!)

Mix and match your crockery to give that authentic vintage feel. Think 50s florals and kitsch.

Above – gorgeous vintage teacups from London based Vintage Simplicity, who also styled this fab photo shoot featuring fifties wedding dresses by Joanne Fleming

(c) Lily and Frank

You can’t have tea without cake of course. These totally scrumptious cupcakes below from Genii Cupcakes are not only delicious but have that old-school retro 50s appeal. Below – American Chocolate Fudge Sundae, Ice Cream Cone and (the very 50s) Elvis cupcakes….(*mouth salivating*)

You will of course need lots of flowers too! I’m a huge fan of flowers in vintage teacups. They look so pretty. I’m loving this arrangement from The Flower House


To complete the look you’ll definitely need bunting and vintage table cloths. Some lovely cheerful bunting here…

Cotton Candy fabric bunting – $18USD for 3 strands (10 flags each strand), or $6USD for 1 strand

For easy and cheap table cloths also check out these 1950s inspired fabrics below. Totally bargain Ebay buys too. You don’t need to be an expert sewer to make a table cloth either!

1 2 3

I think a 1950s tea party is a wonderful idea and it’s certainly on my ‘To Do’ list.

Have a great weekend everyone. How on earth has it come round so quick again? Tomorrow on the blog we have some gorgeous ‘alternative bouquets’ for you. V excited about that one!

Charlie x


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