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Inspiration for a 1950s Oscars & Hollywood Themed Wedding

I am a huge fan of the Oscars – every year I try staying up for the whole event (every year I fall asleep before they announce Best Picture). I really love making a thing of it, and I always make sure we have Oscars-themed canapés and a bottle of bubbly! I could therefore run wild with an event combining the 1950s and the Oscars, and I think it’s a fabulous idea for a wedding reception. Think guests in black tie, women in long cocktail dresses, champagne, sophistication and glamour. Oooh doesn’t that sound incredible?

First of all (of course), you have to tell your guests this is a black tie affair. To be ultra 50s of course your female guests should be wearing white gloves and carrying evening bags.

Frank Sinatra at the 1956 Oscars - Source

Elizabeth Taylor and Mike Todd at the 1957 Oscars – Source

…and the Groomsmen should be in black tie too of course.

Gigi wins Best Picture Oscar – 1958 – Source

Photo via Le Noeud Papillon

As for your own outfit, it’s all about the full-length wedding gown.

‘Joslin’ full-length wedding gown from Alexandra King

‘Audrey’ wedding dress from Charlotte Casadejus

Jenny Packham wedding dresess (left – ‘Ariel’, right – ‘Gaia’)

You’ll need a fabulous entrance of course. Red carpet leading into the reception venue is a must, as is you and your husband’s name in lights! In fact there are quite a few old cinemas that will rent out to weddings, so do a little digging and just ring up and ask if you’re not sure if it’s possible.

The venue for the 1954 Oscars – Source

© Joey Brown via Artrick Playground

Popcorn is also an essential treat for your guests. You can be really creative with this – build a popcorn tower or have bowls scattered around. I love those retro popcorn boxes which you can buy on Amazon at £1.75 for 8.

© Troy Grover Photographers via Ruffled blog

Use old film reels and other cinema props to add to that movie theme.

© Troy Grover Photographers via Ruffled blog

For wedding invitations, it’s all about black, white and sparkle! I think the more simple the better for an Oscars & Hollywood themed wedding as it’s all about style and grace.

‘Bejewelled’ wedding invitations from Knots & Kisses

Custom wedding invitation from Kynsie & Cole

For wedding favours I found these fabulous retro popcorn candles from Wedding Favours Kingdom. Each one comes in a striped gift box with a ‘for you’ tag. They’re so cute! They’re priced at £2.48 or £1.88 each when you buy 6 or more.

I’m also loving these stainless steal bow tie hip flasks from The Hair of the Dog – perfect for the men in your bridal party. Prices are US$90 for 5.

For a wedding cake, black and white really suit that Oscars & Hollywood feel. Of course you can be really creative with that…

Left – Source, Right – Source


…and for something entirely different, check out these cupcakes!

©  Posh Tot Events - Source


Now aren’t you just pining after a 1950s Hollywood themed wedding?

Marlon Brando & Grace Kelly at the Oscars in 1955 – Source

Have a lovely day everyone, and a very happy Wedding Wednesday!

Charlie x ♥

1950s Inspired Cakes, Cake Pops & Cupcakes

Today on the blog I’m talking about something very close to my heart – food! Not just any old food of course – we’re talking cakes! These days couples are much more likely to be experimental with their choice of cake, and it’s no longer considered necessary to have the traditional fruitcake. Indeed I’ve been to weddings that have cheesecake, cupcakes, chocolate cakes and Victoria sponges. Another type of cake treat popping up is ironically the ‘cake pop’. These are fantastic fun, and perfect for little sweet nibbles or canapés. In fact over the last few months I’ve been collating my favourite cake pops from around the net on Pinterest. It’s a work in progress but you can see how far I’ve got here!

For anyone planning a 50s style wedding the cake probably features somewhere on your list, and I’ve got the pick of some of my favourite retro cakes here. I’m not much of a sponge person I’ll be honest, but for me the allure is all in the presentation. I love art, and to me these are works of art.

1950s Inspired Cupcakes

Let’s start with cupcakes – they are so cute and were my cake of choice for my own wedding. We had a mixture of big and little ones, and wanted to incorporate pastel 50s inspired colours. I couldn’t resist a little sparkle too, and we added detail with flowers and bumble bees!

© Matt Foden Photography

Those pastel colours really work well for a 50s style wedding, especially if those are the kind of colours you’ve gone for with your wedding decor. To make your cupcakes fit even more so with your vintage wedding, why not put a few in vintage teacups? I think this is a brilliant idea. These ones below by Cotton and Crumbs look amazing don’t you think?

© Cotton and Crumbs

The 1950s also conjures up images of polka dots of course, and these ones fit the bill so well.

© Cakes by Robin

© Cotton and Crumbs

Regular readers will also know that I’m a huge fan of the 1950s American diner style cupcakes. These ones by Star Bakery look yummy scrummy.

© Liana Stevens/ Star Bakery

…and as for these retro caramel sundae cupcakes, I think I’ve just died and gone to foodie heaven.

© Source

1950s Style Wedding Cakes

In the 1950s the wedding cake was traditionally stacked, though rich American celebrities often went for pillars (the bigger the better in their book). Intricate beading and flower details usually featured, as shown on these cakes below…

Left – Jacqui & John Kennedy, 1953 (source), Right – 1957 bride © Nick deWolfe

For a modern twist but still keeping that retro theme, check out some of these. This one below by Fancy Nancy is exquisite – it looks like something straight out of a vintage tea party.

© Fancy Nancy

Or you can mimic that beautiful pearl detail just like these yummy wedding cakes below.

© Cotton and Crumbs

For a modern twist on 50s polka dots, I’m loving these ones too…

© Harrison Long Photography

© Zoe Clark Cakes© Jel Photography

For some really alternative wedding cakes, you could take inspiration from those gorgeous vintage sewing patterns. These ones below by Peggy Porschen really have the wow factor.

© Peggy Porschen

Retro Cake Pops

The humble cake pop may not make it to your top table, but they’re certainly a fab nibble to have scattered around your reception venue in jars. I guarantee they’ll be a hit. People love that they’re just a little bite, so there’s none of the guilt and all of the pleasure!


These cake pops look utterly delicious in these 1950s colours.

© Aregrayline

These candy cane cake pops look like something straight out of an American diner with the red and white colours. You can find the full recipe here.

© Hostess with the Mostess

Or for true American diner style these hamburgers from Bakerella are perfect (follow this link for the full recipe too).

© Bakerella

Now is that enough to wet your appetite? If you’ve got any masterful cake recipes do post a link below. I’m all for drooling over cake photos too (mmmm…)

Have a fab day!

Charlie x ♥

DIY Thursday – Make Your Own Wedding Cake Topper

There are some really fun ideas for DIY wedding cake toppers if you fancy something a little more alternative on your wedding cake. Before I go into today’s DIY cake topper tutorial, here are some of my favourites from around the web.

Made out of styrofoam, these penguin cake toppers are so cute and perfect for a Christmas/Winter wedding. After 3 everyone…1…2…3…”Awwwwww”.

Source – Design Sponge

I love these little DIY heart thread cake toppers, made using thread dipped in glue. V chic and so easy. They are great for cupcakes and little tasty treats too.

Source – Ruffled Blog

These ones are really quirky. Check out the link below the pic for the full tutorial on how to make them.

Source – Once Wed

If you fancy getting your paint brush out but don’t want anything too fussy, these wooden bride & groom cake toppers are simple and easy to do.

Source – My DIY Wedding Day

Being a dog-lover I just think this DIY cake topper below is FAB. The bride incorporated her and hubby’s bulldog into the wedding cake. This one is made from clay and fabric. I really like the personalised touches too – the basketball and the deputy outfit.

Source – Wedding Bee

Now this one is my absolute favourite, and indeed what inspired the choice for today’s DIY tutorial…

© Lang Photographers

So fancy getting your hands messy? Try this tutorial for a bunting wedding cake topper below. It’s ridiculously easy. This one uses felt, but vintage fabrics would work a treat too. This tutorial and pics come from Oh My.

Cut your little triangle pieces out of your felt (or other material). They don’t need to be perfect so you don’t even need the ruler. Don’t forget the cocktail sticks if you want to make smaller cake toppers too.

All you do is assemble as shown in the pics. Easy as pie. Make sure the bunting is glued completely dry before moving it though. I would leave it a whole day or overnight just to be sure.

Add to your wedding cake, and you can create something a little bit like this…

Source – Prima Donna Bride

Such a great idea for an alternative bride & groom having a retro, vintage, rustic or country wedding me thinks.

Tomorrow on the blog you must come back for the first instalment of a series of new posts that I’ll be publishing the first Friday of every month – ‘Diary of a Fifties Wedding Bride-to-Be’. So excited about this one!

See you tomorrow all!

Charlie x ♥

DIY Thursday – a DIY Wedding ‘Cake’

We’re making a few changes on Fifties Wedding this month, and one of the first is that things are getting a little bit more exciting on Thursdays since from now on we will be launching ‘DIY Thursdays’. I have always loved making things, and the tutorials and DIY projects that we’ve posted on the blog before have always been very popular so I thought I’d give DIY it’s own show! I must say in advance a huge thank you also to Valerie Owens – DIY wedding supremo – who has agreed to be a regular contributor to this post. Happy reading!

By Valerie Owens

Blog: The DIY Coordinator

Cake doesn’t have to be cake anymore. If you’re crafty, adventurous, or just want to be different, you can make your own wedding “cake” from fresh fruit. Think “strawberries on steroids”.

Take this example found at DIY Bride for instance. This delicious, red centerpiece was created by event planner, Tara Wilson, using only the best strawberries from Driscoll’s. You won’t find this cake at your local bakery!

Photo credit: Stacey Reeves Photography

Edible centerpieces are all the rave this wedding season. Use baskets of strawberries on each table to keep guests happy all night long. You can even incorporate a picnic theme using adorable baskets like in the photo from Tara.

Note – Only use berries that are in season and if possible, go with organic berries. They will taste a million times better and you will save money by picking them up from a local grower.

Let’s talk about how to make the strawberry centerpiece cake. The supplies and instructions can be found on the blog at Feel free to improvise with other types of berries, depending on the growing season or color palate. Basically, you’ll pin each berry to a styrofoam ring and stack the rings on top of each other. Add a ribbon detail around the middle tier or create your own details.

Cutting and serving this “cake” may be a challenge. Yes, it’s edible, but you’ll be cutting through the styrofoam rings and serving up a pile of strawberries to your guests. If you’re not comfortable with that idea, leave the masterpiece in tact and have a pre-sliced homemade strawberry cake to serve your guests from behind the scenes. Alternatively, for a no-icing option, you could present each guest with a piece of angel food cake along with a load of strawberries and glaze for a DIY dessert.

Tip – look for a unique cake stand from an antique shop. I personally love the white cake stand used in this picture. Cake stands like these can be found in clear glass, white milk glass, or colored glass in most antique shops. You can pick up a cake stand anywhere, or rent one. But purchasing an antique cake stand is a collectible and timeless item that you will use again and again long after the wedding is over.

Oh, and did you notice the single white gerber daisies in assorted clear glass vases? Single bud vases can also be found at antique stores for relatively cheap. This is another touch that goes perfectly with a romantic country theme and oozes charm and goodness.

Giving credit where credit is due:

Original post: Khris Cochran, DIY Bride, “Strawberry Centerpiece from Tara Wilson

Design: Tara Wilson, Tara Wilson Events

Photo: Stacey Reeves, Stacey Reeves Photography

Berries: Driscoll’s


50s Wedding Cakes

Guest post by Janet of DeliCake

(thank you Janet!)

The 1950s was a decade of iconic society weddings. Princess Elizabeth married in 1951, John F Kennedy married Jacqueline Bouvier in 1953, Grace Kelly married Prince Ranier III of Monaco in 1956 and Paul Newman married Joanne Woodward in 1958 so it was an iconic decade of society weddings.

Above – Princess Elizabeth’s 3 tier cake with pillars was copied by 1950’s brides in UK.

The Kennedy wedding cake was a stacked 4 tier cake.

Princess Grace of Monaco had a six tier wedding cake which they cut with Prince Ranier’s sword.

The Newman’s cake is stacked like most American 1950’s cakes.

And my Mum and Dad married in 1956 so I have first hand knowledge of how a traditional wedding cake was made in the UK back then.

It was the norm was to have a three tier fruit cake as this was the current fashion and copied the Royal wedding in 1951. I’m told the cake was often made by the bride or a close female relative. My Mum made her own cake from the Good Housekeeping Cookery Book (see appendix for recipe). Sadly no picture of this cake remains but even the marzipan was homemade. It was a tall round cake, separated with pillars for elegance and decoratively piped with swags and swirls of royal icing. Sugar roses and silver paper horseshoes were purchased from the bakers to add to the crisp white piping and a small vase with artificial flowers stood on the top.

It’s hard for us to comprehend now but after the Second World War food was rationed and it wasn’t until February 1953 that sugar rationing ended making the possibility of large lavish and highly decorated luxury cakes a reality. So the majority of fifties brides were lavish with the icing using thick marzipan to seal the rich fruit cake and covering it all with several layers of royal icing – sugar was now available and they were going to use it. All this sugar also had the effect of preserving the fruit cake so it could be used for the first child’s christening (that’s me – and it was).

However it was still an age of waste not want not and thrift was a much prized attribute. My Mum still has the baking tin for the 8 inch middle tier of her cake, and she tells me the 10 inch base tier was baked in a biscuit tin, double wrapped with brown paper to protect the cake during its long slow cooking as she thought it too extravagant to buy a 10 inch tin that wouldn’t be used again.

When looking for photos of 50’s wedding cakes I was surprised to find many for very large round cakes, 3 tiers but stacked so they were wide and low rather than tall and elegantly separated. Further searching has identified that many American cakes were larger and flatter but the celebrities of the time went for very tall, many tiered, highly decorated confections. As now, the perfectly decorated cake provided the photo opportunity of the bride’s first duty as a married woman – cutting the cake.

Good Housekeeping Cookery Book Recipe for Three Tier Wedding Cake

  • 5 ½ pounds currants
  • 5 ½ pounds sultanas
  • 2 pounds stoned raisins
  • 1 pound sweet almonds
  • 1 ½ pounds glace cherries
  • 1 pound mixed peel
  • 1 lemon
  • 3 pounds flour
  • 3 tea spoons cinnamon
  • 1 ½ tea spoons mace
  • Pinch salt
  • 3 pounds butter
  • 3 pounds sugar
  • 24 large eggs
  • 1/3 pint rum or brandy
  • A little caramel or browning


  • 1 ½ pound ground almonds
  • 10 ounces caster sugar
  • 10 ounces sieved icing sugar
  • Juice small lemon
  • 1 ½ tea spoon vanilla essence
  • 1 ½ tea spoons orange flower water
  • Egg white to mix

Huge thanks to Janet of Deli Cakes for writing this fascinating post for us! It’s so interesting to see how they did wedding cakes in the 50s!

Charlie x

Dressing Up Your Cake – Vintage Inspired Wedding Cake Toppers

If you’re looking for a vintage cake topper or just something to make your wedding cupcakes stand out, I have found some fab toppers and picks below. All of these cake decorations would be perfect for a vintage, retro or fifties wedding.

First up, for a retro cake topper this couple from That’s My Topper ($79) would be perfect for a fifties wedding cake.

These rock star cupcake toppers from Stylish Celebrations ($9/approx £5.93) would be great in cupcakes for a rock n roll wedding.

These wooden doll cake toppers caught my eye too. Available from Cake Mates ($45/approx £29.63), these customised 3.5 inch cake toppers make a very unique cake topper on your cake. Below are their versions for Prince William and Kate Middleton!

These little love birds from Country Squirrels ($65/approx £42.80) would be ideal for a couple with a country wedding theme. Gorgeous! I particularly like the birdy’s top hat.

From the always wonderful Vintage Twee (one of my favourite online shops for wedding favours and other table decorations) I love these ‘I Do’ lemon cupcake sticks (£3), and these ‘Eat Me’ Alice in Wonderland themed picks (£3). Perfect for brightening up your buffet or wedding cupcakes.

For a DIY vintage cake topper, if you can get hold of a vintage matchbox 1950s car this would make an unusual addition to a cake for a fifties wedding. Perfect for a groom who likes his cars too! I have found one this one on Ebay (AU$ 49).

For another real vintage 1950s cake topper, I found this one on Etsy for $3 from Jeni Junk.

There are lots of ways to dress yo your wedding cake and cupcakes, and it doesn’t have to be the traditional cake topper. Hopefully you’ve found a few ideas on this post.

Have a relaxing Sunday everyone!

Charlie x

Sugar and Spice and All Things Nice

CUPCAKES. Works of art. Rather tasty too.

I think cupcakes are just such a beautiful addition to a wedding, and really do make a centrepiece. At our own fifties inspired wedding we had the most gorgeous, moist, scrumtious carrot, lemon and vanilla little and big cupcakes made by Sweet and Fancy Cupcakes, based on our ice-cream colours. It was most fun going to our tasting session too! Unfortunately the dog ate the leftovers before my other half Ant got to them!

Indeed there is a cupcake out there for everyone! You can match them to your wedding colours, and to your vintage, retro or fifties theme. Some of my favourites I have found (retro and not)…

Above – blue rose cupcake from Cakes By Beth, cream soda & cherry cola cupcakes from Hummingbird Bakery, godmother cupcake from Airy Fairy Cupcakes, kendal mint cake, jaffa cake & cherry bakewell vegan cupcakes from MS Cupcakes, cherry & vintage cupcake tower from Vintage and Cake.

It may be surprising to know that I am not actually a ‘cake’ person. If I had to choose it would be ice-cream. However, there is a bit of an artist in me which is why I love cupcakes so much. I have found my ultimate cupcake though! I shall leave you with my favourite ’99 Cupcake’ from Manchester-based Cakes By Beth…mmm…delicious! This one below is vanilla with buttercream, but Beth also tells me its chocolate form is rather tasty too, and (my favourite) carrot with cream cheese frosting.

Happy eating! x


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