Hello, everyone! We welcome you to the one of the best wedding planning company in Texas. We are talking about none other than Fifties Wedding Co.  


What makes us sensational and what set us apart from other wedding planners out there? Simple. All of our wedding projects have a vintage-y theme on them. We bring back old fashion, and traditional weddings and recreate them to produce a wedding that will be the talk of the town. And we mean we follow the theme up to the smallest details possible. Why feel nostalgic when you can relieve the moment of your parents and grandparents back in their days?  


Fashion evolves over time. In fact, it changes super fast that there are times when you feel that you just cannot keep up. This affects everything, from fashion-forward individuals up to the latest trends when it comes to parties and events. Just on the topic of wedding planning alone, you can already see how drastic the changes were over the years. The techniques changed, the decoration changed, and of course, the traditional wedding color motifs had become more edgy, and loud. Individuals also have become more creative in their themes, as far as adopting a superhero or Hollywood themes on their wedding. Yes, this happens. Not only once did we see a crazily-themed wedding in our 11 years of service as wedding planners. But although we’ve already witnessed our share of more modern, fantasy-inspired, and futuristic theme, we noticed that there are still a bunch that wishes to go back to the traditional.  



For these types of wedding, Fifties Wedding Co. is the company to call. We specialize in vintage and retro-themed wedding at this modern age. From consultancy, up to the main-prep, reception, and after-party, you can trust that we’ll do our best to make it perfect. We incorporate the vintage theme for the whole thing, including the bridal ride (whether a vintage car or a coach-driven horse) which will be a highlight to any garage door in Albuquerque, NM, the entourage outfit, the bridal and groom’s costume, down up to the cakes and giveaways. After we are done, even you will have no doubt that you are living in an era of black and white photos. 


The best thing about us is that we have proven our excellence in the industry for over 11 years. As such, you do not have any worries that we’ll fail in our job. From start to finish, we are the company that we’ll give you everything without the stress that comes with the actual activity. Trust us to give you a good customer experience. 


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