Fabulous Fifties Photos – Rockabetty Style!

When I stumbled across Rockabetty Studios I just had to write a post about it – such fabulous and inspiring photos!

Rockabetty Studios is the ultimate 1950s photo shoot. They offer hen party packages, as well as brides-to-be packages that can be secretly organised so its a surprise to the groom-to-be. It’s the creation of Lex Fleming, who told me that they’ve had stories of ladies putting their pictures on mugs, and serving their husbands with a picture of them in suspenders and petticoats for breakfast! Over to you Lex to tell us a little bit more about it…

Rockabetty Studios was started only this year, after my mum came home from a naked photo shoot, and I knew if there was a company offering middle-aged women to get there kit off, then there should be a company offering ladies of all ages to dress as a 1950s pin up girl! I have been fascinated with the 1940′s and 1950′s for years, grabbing any opportunity to put the swing music on, and go out in vintage dresses. Rockabetty Studios was finally born after I asked a few friends round, telling them to bring fizz and frocks. I’ve not looked back since! We travel around Central and Greater London, transforming front rooms into 1950′s havens. We stick the jive music on, ice the fizz and start putting the rollers in!

The reason I think it has been so successful, and the feedback has been great is because all women want to feel celebrated and wanted. Nowadays, its frowned upon if a woman wants to spend an extra ten minutes on their hair, or spend that little bit extra on a nice dress. Women want to feel special again, and for a few hours one afternoon, Rockabetty Studios makes every girl feel like a star. All attention is on them. Feedback from the men has been great as well! For an afternoon, you can turn off your phone, close the laptop, and put the stockings on! “

Thank you Lex!

Charlie x

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