DIY Thursday – Vintage Glassware

This week DIY Val gives us her thoughts on wedding table decoration ideas using vintage glassware. Other table decorations generally get a back seat to flowers at weddings (see my previous post on flowers as table decorations here), but you can do so much more! I would suggest from now you start digging out those old jars and glass vases!


By Valerie Owens of The DIY Coordinator

It’s no secret that vintage is hot right now. Some may call it antique or old fashioned but I call it vintage. Vintage glassware can easily be repurposed as a flower vase, light fixture, or candle holder. My own wedding will be adorned with loads of vintage glassware scattered on every table, mantle, and windowsill in sight!

Use vintage glassware to create a mood that sends romantic vibes to everyone around. Clear glass, colored glass, white milk glass – take your pick. The pink and white eye candy you pictured here was found at décor8blog.

© Leslie Shewring (A Creative Mint)

The type of glassware you choose can be matched with the style of your event. Consider the other elements in your décor and decide if you want an upscale, sophisticated look or a down-home, country feel. For the fancy appeal, look for dessert dishes, champagne flutes, and perfume bottles. For a low-key look, the best options are coke bottles, bud vases, and jars.

Using glass mason jars or jelly jars has become popular for country-style wedding themes. These jars are not necessary vintage unless they’ve been picked from a real antique store. The jars sold in regular stores today are much less expensive than the vintage ones but you can tell a difference. Most vintage jars are tinted slightly green and the glass may be thicker. The ones in the photo are from and are similar to what you can buy in the stores today.

© Labor of Love

When it comes to DIY wedding favors, the goal is to send guests home with a personalized favor in style. If you have a favorite flower incorporated into your décor, it would be most appropriate to send your guests home with a vase that holds a single stem of your favorite beauty. If your theme is more about the food, some folks have used glass jars as containers to send guests home with the ingredients for their favorite cupcake recipe. Get the tutorial for this DIY cupcake in a jar from Cakies. An organic or natural themed wedding may feature jars filled with herbs.

© Rubyellen (Cakies)

DIY wedding decorations can also feature vintage glassware. A collection of vases and bottles arranged together like the ones in the photo from is a perfect example.

© Amy Moss

One of my favorite DIY projects is to take a dozen glass jars and pour rocks in the bottom of each jar. Drop in a LED tealight and line them up on a windowsill when the sun goes down. This creates a very nice look for a wedding or home.

Val ♥

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