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“My sister got married in August. It was so sudden and cramming was real. It took us only a few months to get ready for the wedding she wants. Everything was so stressful and we are having a hard time reconciling everything to the theme she wants. She wanted that old school theme and to be honest I could have slapped her for choosing something so complicated. I know it’s her wedding, but to give us so many demands and just a little time, I think I have the right to complain. 


Anyway, it’s a good thing the Fifties Wedding Co. is here. It was suggested to me by my brother’s fiancee and I cannot be grateful enough to hand over to them the preparation. And gosh, what a good wedding they created. My sister looked like Princess Diana on her wedding day. The dress she wore made her look like a fantasy from the old world. Plus, I really love the vintage car she rode from home. Even the bridesmaid dresses which were in yellow and blue color scheme worked with the overall theme.  


Yes, we injected a little bit more bold colors in it but the vintage-y feel was preserved by the designs and the look. From hair to shoes, to everything in between, it was a good wedding that looks like it came from an old magazine. The cake and the giveaways, and the vibe in the reception adopted the same feel. We cannot be any happier. Every penny was worth it.” – Emma Johnson, Businesswoman