Couples needed by TV show!

Clearly engaged and newly married couples are currently in great demand!

We have had contact from a casting agency who are recruiting couples for a competition show:

This is what Lauren Riccio, casting director, has to say:

Just Married Casting flyer-ORIGINAL




‘I am casting an exciting, new competition show for Newlywed couples. The show brings the couples together along with their differing families under one roof, vying for a shot at a large cash prize!  The show is going to be a lot of fun for the right couple.  If you know anyone interested, please have them apply at:   Make sure the applicant puts your name and company on the application so we know it came from you.’

We have also had contact from Dragonfly Films, who made ‘One born every minute’ and ‘The Hotel’, who are looking for couples for a new Sky documentary series.

This is what Hannah  Shrives, researcher for Dragonfly, has to say:

‘I am working at Dragonfly Film and Television Productions, the makers of award-winning ‘One Born Every Minute’ and ‘The Hotel’.  We are developing an exciting new documentary series for Sky about love and family and are looking for a brilliant couple who would be interested in taking part in the series.

We would like to talk to anyone who is getting married this year and who is currently living at home with their parents or their future in laws. The series will be a heart-warming celebration of marriage and family life in Britain today and we’d like to film the run up to your wedding and the big day itself.’

Find them at

So if you feel either of these is for you get in touch with them! You would be braver than me but I am sure there are some brave ones out there!


It would certainly be a wonderful advertisement for vintage style weddings if they were to be seen on a series on TV!

Good luck any of you going for it, Elaine x

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