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We love vintage hair and beauty; with our new shop Amanda from Lipstick and Curls will be hand picking some of the best vintage inspired beauty products on the market. Read the rest of this entry »

50′s style make up by MAC

Following on from my post on how to get the perfect 50′s style make up from your wedding (if you missed it, the link’s here:, MAC have just launched a new Marilyn Monroe collection.

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50s Style Wedding Make-Up!

After the 50s catwalk at the Designer Vintage Bridal Show on Saturday, Emily Jayne, bridal stylist and make-up artist, gave a fab workshop on how to get the 50s look on your wedding day.

Obviously, there’s two ways to go about this. You can either go for the full on iconic 50s make up look, or you can take touches of inspiration and have a 50s inspired look instead.

The look we all know and love from the 50s is brilliantly shown by glam actresses of the time like Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn and Ava Gardner.

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How to do Audrey Hepburn’s Make-up

As I’m in the midst of coursework and exams I am struggling a bit with time this month, so today I’m re-posting one of my favourite posts of last year. I always love the posts on make-up as they’re so useful – weddings or not! I’m also going to a hen do this weekend so dressing up is on the top of my list. Enjoy reading folks!

This post was actually written by the fabulous professional make-up artist Kaz Fernando. Kaz has almost 13 years experience as a professional make-up artist across television, film, magazines, fashion/beauty shoots and of course bridal – she really knows her stuff then! I’m delighted she’s sharing her tips on Fifties Wedding blog. If you’re looking for 50s make-up tips then this post should help!

Kaz says about her work…

I adore everything to do with vintage and regularly work on vintage shoots creating barrel curls and victory rolls to die for. I am just doing my bit to make the world more beautiful, and I LOVE my job.

Over to you Kaz!

How to Achieve Audrey Hepburn’s Make-up…

Perfection and glamour are the trademarks of the 1950s face. During the 1950s, beauty trends reached a completely new level and women everywhere used bright red lipstick and nail polish. Everywhere you went 1950s’ women were donning scarlet lips and matching fingernails, impeccable hairdos and heels. No one would dream of leaving the house without looking immaculate.

One 1950s’ style icon that stands out amongst the rest was the beautiful AUDREY HEPBURN. Her make up was always flawless and brilliant.

Not everyone is born with Audrey Hepburn’s eyes or magnificent bone structure, or her diminutive frame. And while we may never look like Audrey, there are beauty tips and tricks to be learnt from the clever makeup artists of Old Hollywood to bring out the best of our features and bestow on us some of her grace and beauty.

The following outlines the tips that are required to get the same look and feel of Audrey Hepburn’s make up look focusing on her eyes which were and still are her trademark.


One of the first areas that you need to focus on when creating this particular look is the eyebrows. They were filled in with a dark brown pencil, the shape accentuated with and arch, and the ends tapering off. Eyebrows are so important in there role of framing the face. Tip: use a small hard angled brush and add a same colour eye shadow on top of your eyebrow pencil for even more drama to the eyebrows.


Audrey’s eyelids were always kept neutral so that the emphasis was on the liner. Apply a wash of neutral eye shadow to the lids taking it just above the crease. A little highlighter to the brow bone will give the illusion of opening up the eyes and will enhance the groomed brows

Tip: Before applying eye shadow, dust a generous amount of translucent powder under the eye — that way if any shadow falls under the eye during application, you can easily brush it off.


Audrey loved her eye liner and it was and still in an essential part of the vintage look. Individual eye shape will always determine how dramatic the liner should be. Options are liquid if you have a steady hand or a pencil worked into the top lashes for extra definition.

Start just short of the tear duct and apply as close to the lashes as you can get, take the liner a little thicker at the outer corner of the eyes, and sweep the liner in an upwards direction to create a flick. Some eye shapes work better than others. If your flick gets lost, it is best to use a softer smokier look to get the same effect. This will ensure that you optimize the appearance of the eyes. However, once completed it is important to blend the line to soften any harsh lines. Using the correct brushes will help you achieve a slicker and more polished look. Sweep a little under the bottom lashes too but take care not to let bottom and top liner meet too closely— this will make the eye seem smaller and closed.


For Audrey Hepburn’s youthful rosy cheeks, but blusher right on the apple of the cheek and blend gently upwards and outwards.


While Audrey’s eyelashes were naturally dark and luxurious, in nearly all the photos we love of her, believe it or not, her lashes are augmented. The trick is to not have the fake lashes be obvious. Use individual lashes to supplement your own, particularly at the outside corner of the eye. The end result is so much more natural than a full strip. Practice makes perfect! While Audrey’s eyelashes were naturally dark and luxurious, in nearly all the photos we love of her, she probably wore a few extra lashes too.

Next comes lashings of black mascara.

Tip: Use a clean mascara wand to separate the lashes after each coat to prevent thick clumpy lashes. Use eyelash curlers to open up the eyes too.


This of course will depend greatly on the shape and size of your own mouth, but bear these points in mind.

Firstly, line your lips. In Audrey’s case the liner was applied a little on the outside of her natural lip line to make her lips appear fuller. The upper lip should be lined to exceed the lower lip in width, and make sure to draw a very defined “Cupid’s Bow”, I love Benefit’s “Cupids Bow”, an amazing product for Vintage make up.

Always apply lipstick with a lip brush, it will last so much longer. If you are lucky enough to be able to wear red lipstick. I recommend MAC’s Ruby Woo, if not go for a softer shade of red/plum or just dab the colour on to your lips with a finger for more of a stain. Audrey tended to use softer shades of red and tangerine too, and she rarely wore gloss opting for a matt look.

Good luck! As Kaz says, practice makes perfect!

For more on Kaz Fernando please visit her website.

Have a lovely weekend everyone. I’m really looking forward to my friend Madi’s hen do – bump n all!

Next week will be my last week of doing Fifties Wedding too. I can’t believe it has come around so quick. This month has really flown with so much going on.

Charlie x ♥

1950s-Inspired Festive Make-up, Beauty & Manicure Tips

Well it’s Christmas Eve Eve (wahoo!!) and this is going to be my last post for a bit as I’m taking a bit of a mini break for Christmas and exam revision next week. I’m sure you’ll all be busy with friends and family over the next few days as well, but if you do have a spare moment do look through our Fifties Wedding blog archives for some interesting reads!

I wanted to leave you all just before Christmas with some festive 1950s-inspired beauty, make-up and manicure tips – ready for those Christmas Eve drinks, Christmas Day lunches and Boxing Day get-togethers. Also useful for New Year! It especially helps if you read this while listening to cheesy Christmas songs in the background (or maybe that’s just me).

Audrey Hepburn with Santa Clause 1953 - Source

The Make-up

It always seems to me that the Hollywood stars of the 50s always had natural, flawless skin.

Grace Kelly – Source

While we can’t all be blessed with perfect skin, we can do a few things to make sure we have that great base on which to apply make-up. My tips are as follows:

  • Don’t use fake tan.
  • Use a tinted moisturiser.
  • Finish with a very light application of a powder cream such as Benefit’s foundation, or a translucent powder.

I hardly ever wear foundation on a day-to-day basis, but it is worth doing for parties and events as it covers up all the little capillaries and blemishes. The worst mistake is to apply too much foundation though and to use a colour that doesn’t match your own. I like Benefit’s Some-Kinda-Gorgeous foundation. It’s a cream to powder formula which fives a very silky and even application and you only need a very small amount.


Thick black eyeliner is of course essential to achieving that 1950s glam look. Sophia Loren always amazing eyes and was queen of the cat-eye liner. This style is great for Christmas parties because you need to go heavier for evening events when lighting is darker and your eyes need to stand out. It doesn’t give as defined look but I like the way it blends. When shaping your cat eye, your liner should be barely there near the inner corner of your eyes and gradually get thicker as it reaches the outer corners.

Sophia Loren - Source

Lots of people like using liquid eyeliner (I’ll admit it looks great when done perfectly), but I have never really mastered the art. I stumbled across a great tutorial via Nerdy Girl Makeup that uses a matt eyeshadow and a gel liner if you want to know how to do it.  These pics below show the basic steps.  This look was achieved using the Inglot AMC Eyeliner Gel in “77″ with a MAC 208 brush.


After doing some research in Boots I also found a great product that work well to create that Christmassy magical look. This sparkley eye-liner by Too Faced is just perfect (top left and below, £14 from Boots). It’s subtle (which I like) but still adds that special sparkle.

Picture – source

I can’t rave enough about Benefit’s new false lash effect mascara too. Forget those fake eye lashes – just beef up your own!

As far as lips go, anyone with dark hair and olive skin can pull of any shade of red very well, but if you’re not blessed with Mediterranean looks it’s just about picking the right tone. If you’ve got very pale skin and blonde hair try and go for what I call ‘rose reds’ – that is to say reds with pink tones. Orangey reds also would look great. If you’ve got red or brown hair then any bright red will probably suit you very well, but consider your complexion too. Red faces don’t look great with red lipsticks!

Marilyn Monroe with her rose red lipstick Source

The Nails

You’ve got to have manicured nails for the festive season – even if you do your own. Fabulous nails were very fashionable in the 50s. Some 1950s manicures involved painting the lower half of the nail red, but leaving the half moon section free of polish. My choice would be all-over bright red though!


This is my ultimate manicure that I like to do with my feet up on the sofa, as taught to me by my friend Loren who used to do it as job at uni. Clearly having someone do it for you is nicer but this at-home version will stretch your pennies further.

  • First, remove your old nail polish with your usual remover (I use a nourishing one from Boots).
  • Cut and file your nails. I think nails look better shorter rather than long (too Towie for me), though of course it’s all a matter of choice.
  • Apply a cuticle oil and wait for 5 minutes.
  • Push back your cuticles using a cuticle stick – carefully! Again, you can get these sticks from Boots or Superdrug very cheap.
  • Wash your hands gently.
  • Moisturise your hands with a good hand lotion. The one I’m using at the moment is ‘Ginkgo’s Secret’ from Rituals. If you get something that says ‘extra rich and repairing’ then it sounds good to me!
  • Apply an undercoat (I use Sally Hanson) and then your polish.
  • My one tip is definitely make sure you apply an undercoat as in my experience it helps to prevent chipping and provides a smooth surface for your top coat.

That top colour – of course – needs to be Christmassy. Shades of darker and ruby reds are chic and festive, and bright red is of course very 50s. If you can find one with a slight shimmer even better. Those metallic colours also look great – if you’re not comfortable wearing a colour, ditch the French manicure for silver or gold. Don’t forget your toe nails need the love too – even if no one will see them! Here’s my attempt using a great polish from O.P.I.

© Fifties Wedding

Mac’s Nail Laqcquer is also a great product. It’s a high gloss formula that doesn’t streak like some versions, and also contains conditioners.


The Body

Now for pampering your skin. After a leisurely bath dowse yourself in a luxurious body lotion. Philosophy’s ‘cinnamon buns’ shampoo, bubble bath and shower gel (3 in 1) is full of all those yummy cinnamon Christmas aromas and will make you feel simply delicious. Available from Boots.


Also (my favourite product) Benefit’s Bathina glimmering body balm is perfect to add that festive magical glow to your arms, legs and neck. It really highlights those shoulders and works wonders with fake tan. It’s very understated too, and the smell is heavenly. Shimmer up for baby!


So there we go – my make-up, manicure & beauty tips for this Christmas.

A splash of your favourite perfume and away you go!

All that’s left for me to say is have a wonderful Christmas and New Year. I wish you all the very best time. Ensure you all over-indulge and enjoy every second! It really is a time of year to not feel guilty about all the treats you stuff into your mouth, and a time to really enjoy with the people close to you. Be silly, play games, wear those Christmas cracker hats and be a kid again!

We’ll be back January 1st 2012.

Charlie x ♥

Ideas for an Audrey Hepburn Inspired Bride

I’ve said it before but in case you’re in any doubt, my style icon is the fabulous Audrey Hepburn. I only wish of course that I was as beautiful and effortlessly chic like her, but hey we can’t have it all. What we can do though is copy! Today’s post is about ideas for those of you who are Audrey Hepburn inspired brides. By this I mean all the fabulous influences from this legendary icon – the hair, the dress, the style, the make-up and of course the glamour. Let’s start with the dress – as always!

The Audrey Hepburn Dress

Left (source) and right (source)

Audrey Hepburn’s wedding dress in her 1957 film ‘Funny Face’ has been replicated many times, and it’s easy to see why so many brides are drawn to this classic style. It’s so graceful and without being fussy.

There so many fantastic dresses out there that have drawn on the style of Audrey Hepburn. One of my favourites is this gorgeous Joanne Fleming wedding gown below made with ‘antique ivory’ silk duchesse satin. I love the simplicity of it.

© Joanne Fleming Design

With a bit of detailing too, you can really turn a simple style into a dress that wows. Just look at the neck detail beading in this other Joanne Fleming creation.

© Joanne Fleming Design

For some more of my favourite Audrey Hepburn inspired wedding dresses, I’ve found some beautiful ones below.
Left – © Joanne Fleming Design, Right – © Once Upon a Time 

Left - © Lizzie Agnew, Right - © Alexandra King (model wears ‘Christy’, £1590)

Left - © Lizzie Jayne Wedding Dresses, Right - © Honeypie Boutique (dress listed as £140 – yes really!)

The Bow Veil

You’ll notice in Funny Face Audrey also wears a little veil with the cutest bow on top.


For a black version I’ve found a fabulous veil on Etsy which has an adorable little  velvet bow. Some scattered swarovski crystals give it that extra Hollywood sparkle too. At $46USD (£30ish) it’s a real bargain.

This 1950s style veil from Faulkner and Carter (£75) gives more of a retro twist with those polka dots, and of course it has the magic bow on top. Love it!

For a DIY version, add a little bow to your own veil. The Haberdashery Store have wide range of bows that are cheap as chips. MacCulloch & Wallis also have a great range of veiling if you fancy something other than ivory. Otherwise John Lewis do perfect netting at a very reasonable price (this is what I used for my own wedding).

Audrey Hepburn Hairstyles

As for the hair – well Audrey Hepburn had a wide range of hairstyles so there’s plenty to choose from.

My favourite is probably the Audrey up-do or the side bun. Both are easy to recreate with the help of a hairdresser. Both work really well with either wedding dresses with a very high neck or strapless gowns.

© Tiffany Irving Photography

© Mirrorbox Photography

Audrey Hepburn Make-Up

For full tips on Audrey Hepburn’s make-up check out our previous post here – How To Do Audrey Hepburn’s Make-up. In brief though, it’s all about the eyes and the lips. Think black eyeliner and red lips. Don’t go over the top though and keep your make-up products good quality. Last thing you want is smudged red lips – not classy. Here are the highlights of Audrey’s make-up look from make-up expert Kaz Fernando

♥ Eyebrows – Fill them in with a dark brown pencil, accentuating the shape with the arch, and the ends tapering off.  Tip: use a small hard angled brush and add a same colour eye shadow on top of your eyebrow pencil for even more drama to the eyebrows.

Eyeshadow – Audrey’s eyelids were always kept neutral so that the emphasis was on the liner. Apply a wash of neutral eye shadow to the lids taking it just above the crease. A little highlighter to the brow bone will give the illusion of opening up the eyes and will enhance the groomed brows.

Eyeliner – Individual eye shape will always determine how dramatic the liner should be. Options are liquid if you have a steady hand or a pencil worked into the top lashes for extra definition. Start just short of the tear duct and apply as close to the lashes as you can get, take the liner a little thicker at the outer corner of the eyes, and sweep the liner in an upwards direction to create a flick.

Mascara - While Audrey’s eyelashes were naturally dark and luxurious, in nearly all the photos we love of her, believe it or not, her lashes are false. The trick is to not have the fake lashes be obvious. Use individual lashes to supplement your own, particularly at the outside corner of the eye. The end result is so much more natural than a full strip. Practice makes perfect! Next comes lashings of black mascara.

♥ Lips – After applying lip liner, apply red lipstick with a lip brush - it will last so much longer. Audrey tended to use softer shades of red and tangerine too, and she rarely wore gloss opting for a matt look.

SO after all that you are ready and prepped to be an Audrey Hepburn inspired bride! At least you should be :)

Have a wonderful weekend everyone, and huge congrats to all those getting married!

Charlie x ♥

Wedding Wednesday Feature – Vintage Make-Up Tips from 4Beauty Make-Up Artist Lauren Dunn

I am always on the lookout for beauty tips – god knows I need all the tricks out there! Today on the blog I am so pleased to have Channel 4 professional make-up artist Lauren Dunn share her top tips for vintage make-up. Most people generally think of black eyeliner and red lips as being vintage make-up, but Lauren shows us the alternative more softer looks.

Lauren studied make-up at the London College of Fashion and has worked in the industry as a freelance make-up artist for over 14 years. In that time, she has built up a successful wedding make-up business and has worked on TV commercials, films, music videos and magazine shoots. She is currently 4beauty‘s resident make-up artist and is also working on the relaunch of her website. She is therefore a total make-up expert – no doubt. A big thanks to her for appearing on Fifties Wedding blog. Lauren and I have batting back emails since January of this year, so this post has been a long time coming!

Firstly, Lauren tells us about how she achieved Alice’s soft make-up look for her vintage style wedding, and then she shares with us her top tips for vintage make-up.

Vintage Make-Up

by Lauren Dunn

I was so excited when I met bride Alice on her make-up trial earlier this year. Personally I have always loved a retro look and it is always so much fun to work on a vintage themed wedding.

Alice told me about the overall feel for the wedding and it was clear she wanted it to be relaxed, fun and informal. So when it came to her make-up, we came up with a soft look that wouldn’t feel heavy and made sure she look radiant!

Above – Alice’s dress and birdcage veil from Fur Coat, No Knickers & shoes are from Rachel Simpson (© Jonathan Constant)

How I created Alice’s look…

The most important thing when I do any make-up is getting the skin looking flawless and as perfect as it can be. We achieved this by moisturising her skin well, followed by Laura Mercier Foundation Primer and Chanel Vitalumiere foundation. To brighten up the under eye area, I used one of my favourite eye concealers, Makeup Forever Lift Concealer in shade #2.

To give Alice a really natural healthy glow I used Bobbi Brown bronzing powder in Bali Brown, it has a very subtle sparkle and MAC Blusher in Buff on the cheeks. I lightly powdered her t-zone using MAC Mineralize Skinfinish, these baked powders make the skin look amazingly radiant.

Above – Alice with her bridesmaid (© Jonathan Constant)

Now Alice’s skin was looking fresh and radiant, I focused on the eyes and the lips to finish the look. Alice didn’t want a heavy theatrical vintage look, so I made the eye make-up soft and natural. I mixed two gel eyeliners to make a lovely rich brown and applied to the lash line to give definition. We finished off by applying some Eylure Naturalites 070 lashes to subtly enhance Alice’s own lashes.

Above – Eylure Naturalites – I really love these eyelashes as they just subtly enhance your natural ones.

My top tips for achieving vintage wedding make-up…

Mix Eyeliners

For a modern twist on the black liquid eyeliner look, try mixing two gel eyeliners together to create a depth of colour. I love using a dark purple or a dark blue with black or brown. Adding a little colour on the lash line really makes your eye colour stand out. The best gel eyeliners I’ve used are by New CID and Bobbi Brown.

Above – coloured eyeliner (© Lauren Dunn)

Try a Lip Tint

If you’re not a fan of lipstick but still want a strong colour go for a lip tint or stain. Elizabeth Arden have four great shades in their Eight Hour Sheer Lip Tints – Blush and Berry are my favourites and if teamed up with a lip pencil, they give a lovely defined lip but with great soft colour.

(© Lauren Dunn)

Add drama to your eyes

To add extra drama to the eyes try full strip eyelashes, there are some great ones in Superdrug by Ardell and Eylure. If you want to keep your eyes looking natural then go for the soft, fine natural styles rather than the full, longer length ones. The best eyelash glue is Duo Eyelash Adhesive.

Above – Katy Perry with thick false eyelashes (source)

Glowing skin

Just because you want a vintage look, it doesn’t have to mean matte, powdered skin. Illuminate your skin for that bridal glow with MAC Strobe Cream or Illamasqua’s Gleam Cream, you can either apply before you put on your foundation, mix it in with your foundation or pat onto your brow bone and top of your cheekbone.

Above – MAC Strobe Cream (source)

Above – MAC Strobe Cream unblended (left) and blended (right) (photo source as above)

Big thanks to Lauren for sharing her beauty tips on the blog today. That softer look is great if you’re after a more natural look on your wedding day, and I must say I am very impressed with that MAC Strobe Cream recommendation! If you are after those red lips and black eyeliner though, do visit our previous post on How to Do Audrey Hepburn’s Make-up and How to Wear Red Lipstick. You’ll find everything you need there!

Have a great day everyone.

Charlie x ♥

How to Achieve Glamorous Eyes with False Eyelashes

Well as I write I am fluttering my new eyelashes.

Brides, you will look amazing!! Read on.

I went along to the wonderful Powder Room for the launch of The Vintage Cosmetic’s Company’s exciting new range of glamorous false eyelashes.  Glamorous they are.

As soon as you enter The Powder Room you immediately feel transported back to a previous era. Alongside my  coffee ( in vintage cups of course) I was given a lovely cupcake. In fact, we had Cute As a Cupcake wonderful eats on our previous visit.

But back to the reason for my being there .The founders of The Vintage Cosmetic Company, Craig Hubert and Clare Collard, are so excited to be launching the range of eyelashes.

This range of false eyelashes exudes a very vintage feel and available in a range of five designs; Kitty is for the glamour puss amongst the crowd, whilst the Connie look is much more for the girl next door. If you want to show off your almond shaped eyes then choose the Betty; or if you have a doll face then Nancy lashes would be your choice. And if you are simply girly and cute then Gracie would be for you. There is a style and a design to suit everyone, whether you are going for a natural look or simply to make a big impression.

These are all made of human hair and so are incredibly light. You genuinely forget you are wearing them.

The adhesive that comes with each pair is very easy to apply to the eyelashes and is latex free.  What’s more readers they are retailing at a mere £6 and you will get at least 5-6 full days of wear from them.

So after a bit of persuasion, less so having seen Nilfar looking so beautiful with her new eyes I allowed myself to be glammed up.

I chose the Kitty lashes and they were soon put on. The experts say put eyeliner over the top of the lash once the lashes are firmly on the eyelid, but do not put any mascara on the lashes. This would make them feel heavy . Use tweezers to hold them and apply in front of a magnifying mirror. The adhesive can either be put on the lashes directly from the small tube or put a tiny amount on your hand and apply. The latter was how my beautician applied them.

Angela Muldoon from Amzi Cosmetics says

They are the easiest of all the ranges of eyelashes to apply.

The girls at The Powder Room say they are extremely popular, with most clients having eyelashes put on for an evening outing.

Occasionally  clients opt to wear two pairs, this would certainly create the Audrey Hepburn look.

While Audrey’s eyelashes were naturally dark and luxurious, in nearly all the photos we love of her, believe it or not, her lashes are augmented. The trick is to not have the fake lashes be obvious.

At the end of your evening just peel off and put away for next time.

Well even my husband remarked on my eyes, “you look great” !!

My lashes have been safely put away for another outing.

Selma x


- Photo credits – (c) Fifties Wedding, Audrey (c) unknown

Feeling Friday Fabulous – Vintage/Retro Make-up & Beauty Products

This post is inspired by my mum and I’s trip to The Powder Room last week and also the rather fantastic Benefit makeover that I ‘accidentally’ had on Wednesday. I say ‘accidentally’ because all I was meant to be doing was taking a walk for a break from the revision I’ve been doing all this week (exams next week – eeek!). Before I knew it I was ogling make-up in Boots and promptly placed in a chair where the rather lovely Benefit lady experimented on me with various products. SO much fun. It made me think that make-up and any beautifying product is the ideal gift for the ladies in your wedding party – a perfect way to say thank you. Who wouldn’t want that? I’ve found some excellent products out there that come wrapped in the most gorgeous vintage style and retro packaging. Perfect for a vintage-inspired bride.

1. Bathina Body Balm

I say: My FAVOURITE product ever. This body balm from Benefit is a lightly shimmering body balm that you apply with a puff all over your body for a light glow. The most fantastic thing is the smell – oh my gosh it is heavenly! It’s a bit like jasmine, and it makes you feel utterly yummy wearing it! The tin is also huge, so you really get your moneys-worth for the £22.50. It’a a great product for the summer too, as with a little bit of a tan underneath it will really emphasise it. The best places for it are on your arms, shoulders and legs.

Thumbs up: Makes you glow and smells divine.

Thumbs down: I don’t think there’s any negative points really, but if you don’t like the idea of shimmering (even though it’s very subtle) then this product isn’t for you.

2. Benetint Lip Balm

I say: I am a huge fan of Benetint and Posietints which are lip and cheek stains. This lip balm is created by Benefit using their Benetint so essentially it’s a lip balm which stains your lips slightly red (it’s also SPF 15 so protects too). It has a creamy and slightly waxy texture, though it’s not over-sticky like some lip balms. It leaves your lips shiny and moisturised – perfect for puckering up on a hot day. The packaging is so retro too, and a snip at £14. Love it.

Thumbs up: Make your lips shiny, rose-tinted and smelling of petals.

Thumbs down: Getting the product stuck under your nails when you’re at the end of the pot!

3. Soap & Glory Vanity Bag

I say: This fifties fabulous vanity bag is just perfect for holding all your make-up and beautifying accessories. At £16 from Boots it won’t break the bank, and you’ll feel like a vintage goddess carrying this around on holiday. It’s waterproof on the outside and lined with satin on the inside, with an extra pocket for smaller lipsticks. It’s great quality too.

Thumbs up: It’s big, girly and fun.

Thumbs down: Don’t expect to get your hairdryer in there too.

4. Poppy King Red Lip Gloss

I say: I love my No. 7 Poppy King lip gloss so much that it is a must have in my ‘survival kit‘. This range of lip glosses available from Boots come in fifties fabulous polka dot packaging, which make them perfect pressies, and especially finished off with some ribbon. No vintage starlet is complete without red lips of course. This lip gloss is so moisturising which is why I love it so much, and it’s not too sticky. It applies like a dream, and leaves your lips shiny and plump.

Thumbs up: Moisturising and not sticky. Hoorah!

Thumbs down: Some will come off when kissing other halves/fiances/husbands. Oh well.

5. Cath Kidston Rose Hand Cream

I say: I just adore Cath Kidston’s vintage-inspired colourful packaging, and this handbag-sized hand cream is equally as gorgeous as the little box and silver tube it comes in. The recipe is all natural (no nasties) and this has the most gorgeous floral fragrance to give your hands some much needed pampering. It makes my hands feel so soft and lovely and the smell is glorious. Available at £8 from Cath Kidston.

Thumbs up: Handbag-sized and smells delicious.

Thumbs down: As above – it’s handbag-sized. I could do with a bigger tube!

6. Besame Red Lipstick Sample Set

I say: This is absolute genius! Everyone suits a different shade of red, and this Besame lipstick sample set let’s you find out just which one before you purchase one of Besame’s luscious lipsticks. Each trial set includes a Besame Red, Cherry Red, Red Velvet, Red Hot Red, Carmine and Merlot. I haven’t tried them yet, but based on packaging and the idea alone I am won over :) Also before you apply your lipstick check out our post on How to Wear Red Lipstick too. $8.

Thumbs up: The choice!

Thumbs down: You only get about 4 applications for each lipstick, but hey they are only samples.

With all of that your guaranteed to be a vintage goddess.

Have a fantastic Friday everyone. It’s the weekend – yippee! That’s one more weekend before my exams mind :(

On the blog tomorrow we have a fantastic photo shoot which involves a collaboration of photographers. I am SO excited about this one!

Charlie x

A Fifties Beauty Parlour

There’s nothing quite like a bit of pampering now is there! We were lucky enough to be invited last week for just that.

Ladies if you want a little pick me up or indeed a small or lavish treat then just take a trip to The Powder Room.  Charlie & I went along last Thursday evening for a bit of beautifying, and a rum cocktail. We were greeted with smiles and cupcakes, and the most fantastic displays of make-up – perfect. They were having a bit of a pirate party in honur of the new Pirates of the Caribbean film, hence the rum and the tropical island-themed cupcakes.

We were treated like queens! Just want you want after a long hard day at work.

Right in the middle of Soho, London, you are transported back to a 1950s’ beauty  parlour but with amazing up-to-date products.

It was fantastic.

The girls sport wonderful pink button uniforms with hairdos and pretty hats. The décor is 50s too with old cinema seats and an amazing 1950s cocktail cabinet displaying a wonderful array of products…

My own new look was made using Paul & Joe make-up, created by Sophie Albou. This quirky, kooky and fantastic make up range has been a cult classic since its launch in 1995. Offering foundations, bronzers, amazing eye colours and much more, all in a vintage classic style packaging,

I particularly liked the Eye Gloss Duo B and the Lip Lacquer. In fact even my husband commented on my new wonderful eyes.

The Powder Room also stock Blouse & Skirt make-up which is the creation of Oscar-nominated make-up artist Beverley Binda. Working on some of the biggest names in showbiz, Beverley has now brought her professional know-how to a fresh, upbeat make-up brand specifically for darker skin tones.

The Powder Room also ensure that you can have your  treatment accompanied by a cocktail served in vintage cups (I am sure you could also have a cup of tea if you prefer).

There are options to suit all budgets and these not only include make up but hairstyling, manicures and pedicure.

The Powderpuff ladies told me they have many clients who just pop in after a hard days work, a quick fix, they change into their evening attire and hey presto are all set.

The Powder room also hosts Hen Parties . Do take a peep at their website. We had such a fun time and I would thoroughly recommend it!

Selma x


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