Alternative Bridal Bouquets

Today on the blog we have three of the most stunning alternative bridal bouquets. I have never such creative and unique wedding bouquets as these!

It never even occurred to me at my own wedding that there was an alternative to the traditional bridal bouquet. Indeed its only since starting the blog that I have found out about so many creative and quirky things you can do on your wedding day to make it that little bit different, and more about you and less about what you’re told is the ‘traditional way’.

Don’t get me wrong – I LOVE flowers and I certainly loved by bouquet of sweet peas and roses. There are other options though if you want to make a statement. Maybe your dress is quite simple and you generally want things quite understated, but you want that one little item that shows that sparky creative side of your personality. Maybe it’s an item of jewellery, maybe it’s your cake, or maybe it’s your bouquet!

First up we have these heirloom bouquets hand-crafted by Sarah of Tiny-Gems. Each bouquet is made from approximately 30 vintage style brooches. I think these just look so special and different. Sarah told me she was inspired to make them from another blog (Junk Shop Bride which is also one of my peronsal favourite blogs on the net).

Tiny-Gems was set up in 2010 after I was made redundant and deceided to take the leap into self employment with the thought that if I didn’t give it a go I’d always regret it. I’m so glad I did, its the best decision I ever made. I was inspired to make Heirloom Bouquets by a blog I read from junk shop bride and am delighted at all the amazing feedback I have received about them. My first Heirloom Bouquet was called Penny to thank Penny for her inspiration.”

Next up we have the very talented Jo Barnes Vintage who I have been such a fan of since we started the blog. Jo’s vintage bouquets are so striking, and use gorgeous materials to create mini works of art.

© Rob Barnes

I just adore vintage jewellery and anything that sparkles! I love searching for beautiful pieces.”

Jo’s business started when she created her own bridal bouquet and headdress from her grandmothers 1940s pearl necklaces and brooches. She sources vintage jewellery from all over the world to make her bouquets, so they really authentically vintage. I think they’re simply wonderful! Below from left – Sparkling Lily (from £350 – ostrich feather, silk, crystal & vintage bling), Sparkling Ivory Rose (from £295 – loaded with vintage jewellery), Autumn Rose (£285 – packed wiith vintage pieces) and Vintage Glamour (from £400 – vintage jewellery, crystals & pearls).

© Rob Barnes

Finally we have these wonderfully bright and bold felt bouquets from U&Mii. You only need to look at these pictures to feel all happy inside! U&Mii make all sorts of gorgeous handmade crafty things for your wedding.

The big change came when I started planning my own wedding and realised that there was very little available in the UK that was cool, or different, and I really wanted to make a strong style statement. So I started making it myself. Inspired by some great ideas I saw in the States, I started sketching ideas and designed my own take on couture wedding goodies.”
What fabulous ideas. All so different and unique!

Each bouquet is made with felt flowers cut from a tonal range of between five and nine colours, perfectly arranged before being embroidered by hand and finished off with buttons and knitted flowers. A bridal bouquet to keep forever!

What beautiful bridal bouquets. Please check out their websites for more details!

Have a great weekend everyone.

Mum’s mother of the bride post will be on Monday as usual.

Charlie x

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