Fifties Wedding Co. was founded in 2007 to accommodate the growing need of marrying couples for a vintage-y theme. It was what the company chose to specialize in because it was noticeably being thrust into the background due to the demand for a more ostentatious and modern theme to accommodate the fast-changing environment for wedding planning.  


It was saddening to watch that even if from time to time there are couples who would choose to have a more traditional theme, the execution is poor if not failing. It seems that it was greatly impacted by the changes especially in the fashion industry that wedding coordinators are having a hard time going back to what used to be. They were doing a poor job retrieving their knowledge of the old times and this is reflected in a drab wedding ceremony as a result. 


As such, with determination, we formed a team that will drag the past back to the forefront. We formed a group that will be compassionate enough to bring back the vintage culture into being without compromising the quality. This is now what became the Fifties Wedding Co. 


Fifties Wedding Co. brings you your most legit vintage wedding theme. We have a team of specialist who researches thoroughly about it so that we won’t miss even the smallest detail. We even underwent seminars and training to enhance our knowledge not only in vintage wedding-theme planning but in organizing weddings as a whole. We take time to re-learn everything and research what we do not understand. In return, we have gained the trust of several thousand followers. This is what makes it all worth it. 


Since its foundation in 2007, Fifth Wedding Co. has only brought satisfaction to our customers. And we still are as we continue to improve and develop our craft. Try it to believe it, call us today.