A Real Fifties Wedding – the 1952 Wedding of Pam & Rex

Today’s post was submitted by the lovely Poppy Rogers and it’s all about the real 1952 wedding of Pam & Rex, as told to her by her husband’s grandmother Pam. I am delighted to be showing this wedding on the blog today. I love history, and family history I think is so important to keep hold of and remember. This really is so lovely to read – enjoy!

The Wedding of Pam and Rex

12th July 1952

by Poppy Rogers (Pam’s granddaughter-in-law!)

Pamela and Rex married on the 12 th of July at St leonards Church Hounslow London.

The bride’s dress was from “Richards” made from ivory taffeta with an overlay of organza and highly detailed lace. Pam decided to do away with the current fashion of wearing the collar up high around the neck and instead wore the collar turned down.Pam laughed at the mention of how similar her dress was to the the recent wedding on Kate Middleton to Prince William – we think Kate was influenced by these style dresses. The bride accessorised with a double row of creamy pearls and pearl flower shape earrings.Her hair was adorned with silk flowers notice the shape of the flowers slightly higher on one side and finished the look with a flowing fingertip simple veil. And how about Pam’s shoes? Gorgeous peep toes - a style favoured with many brides today they are true vintage style!

The flowers were created by a local florist and the bride carried a cascading large shower bouquet full of red carnation blooms and soft green ferns. Carnations were popular in the war years and into the 1950s because of their availabilty and hidden meaning. There is a sweet story behind the feathery red carantion; admiration, pride and fascination. Carnations were as popular as Roses are in a brides bouquet today. The men in the bridal party also followed suit with red carnation button holes and matching corsages for the ladies.

Pam was a lucky lady she had natural curls favoured by so many women who used rollers to achieve soft waves and she styled her own hair on the day. The bridesmaids were her young sister inlaws Ann and Jayne who wore pale pink ankle length organza layered dresses with ruffles and short sleeves. The girls had matching ruffles on their short tulle gloves. I love the darling little headresses they wore which look like they are made from feathers or lace, but unfortunately Pam cannot remember excactly, but they are very unusual.

The bride started work like so many women at that time age 14 – she befriended a lady at her workplace who “took her under her wing” and helped Pam choose her wedding gown.

The wedding was a traditional church service with all the family invited and a reception at a local pub.

The family gathered together helping with the arrangements a friend made their 3 teir fruit cake embellished silver leaves and horseshoes. The tables were decorated with silver candelabera’s and vases with carnations and gyspsophelia tailing on the tables.The kind friend that hepled Pam choose her dress was fortunate to have lots of silver in her home which she insited on Pam using for the decor in the pub.This caused a feud between the friend and an aunty who thought the silver was too posh! The guests dined on buffet food all made by friends and family.

When the wedding was over Pam had lots of glamourous functions to attend to as her father in law was involved in the film industry. Not wanting to see her dress in the loft and gather dust (like so many of us marrieds do!) she customised the dress by shortening the sleeves into a cap style and finished it off with a trim from a local haberdashery. The saying “make do and mend” was still very much around.

There we have it – the 1952 wedding on Pam & Rex, and don’t they make such a lovely couple?

It’s very interesting to see that Pam’s wedding dress in 1952 is so similar to popular wedding gowns today. Very Grace Kelly-esq. Pam – you looked beautiful (and Rex not too bad yourself :) )!


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  • I love this post! The images are fab, you can’t beat looking at old photos. I love her dress and I’m with her on the carnation front, they’re not a filler flower to everyone xxx


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