A Day in the Life Of…A Wedding Photographer (aka Tino & Pip)

Very excited about this! This the first of what we hope to be a series of light-hearted & amusing ‘A Day in the Life Of…’ wedding-related posts.

First up we’re delighted to have the lovely Penny & Martin – award-winning UK photographers better known as Tino & Pip. Based in East Sussex, and covering the surrounding areas including London, Tino & Pip specialise in weddings, engagements and treasure the dress shoots, as well as contemporary style shoots, commercial photography and family photoshoots. What I love about them is not only their stunning photos, but also that they’re fun! Which makes me even more curious to know what a typical day is like in the world of Tino & Pip!

Over to them…

8.00am – Martin up, kettle on, laptop firing up, monitor warming up for retouching.

8.05am – coffee made, mmmm, one eye able to fully focus, check email, read with good eye. Nice gent from Indonesia informs me I am owed $18m. Stare out window dreaming of what to spend it on….

8.10am – email from prospective wedding client in Brighton. Jump up and down a bit! Other eyelid pops open. Watch door waiting for Penny to get up so we can reply together…after jumping up and down a bit more…..

8.30am – still no Penny….not impressed! Monitor warm & ready for retouching – basic tonal adjustments to yesterday’s Treasure the Dress shoot.

9.00am – door opens, Penny enters, mumbled exchange, grabs coffee, 3 sugars,  mmmm, slumps into sofa. Reply to prospective wedding client…who, where and for how long? Always ask about their plans and ideas – love all things wedding!

9-10am – Penny steals laptop for thorough wander through Facebook, Twitter and wedding blogs for new messages, mentions and inspiration. Martin starts daily fielding of calls from advertisers, phone companies, insurance and accountants who get offended when you don’t think their service is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Threaten to report scam artist for nth time.

10.00am – check The Any Campaign petition for new signatures. Add new posts of beautiful outdoor weddings to blog. Tweet. Facebook.

10.30am – Martin finishes basic tonal adjustments in Lightroom, handing over to Penny for removing the odd blemish and make-up smudge! Photoshop, a girl’s best friend! Martin meanwhile having a sneaky peek at vintage radios on ebay…

12.30pm – lunch!! Really fancy cheese on toast, with tomato and oregano (or origami as penny has been known to call it!).

12.33pm – mum calls for a catch up…

12.35pm – …stare at burnt cheese on toast, poking it with knife to test how burnt it really is. Very. Eat anyway. Tweet.

13.30pm –  retouching coming on nicely – v. Pleased! Martin sorting through recent receipts, invoices and statements, using Penny’s ridiculously organised filing system (honestly – Monica style!)

13.45pm – Another email enquiry! Mother of three wants family photoshoot for Dad’s birthday- fab.  Reply. When? Where?

14.00pm – Martin checking cameras & lenses all functioning, memory cards formatted and batteries charged ready for this evening’s Engagement Shoot (couple no.1). Penny Tweeting. Welcome interruption from earlier wedding enquiry (couple no.2) calling to say they would like to book – discrete WAHOO! Arrange to meet up for a chat and to show off our album. Just so happens they’re free tonight – bonus!

14.30pm – Martin back on laptop to do finishing touches to Treasure the Dress photos – black&white conversions, effects etc. Penny getting frustrated with Twitter Mobile so changes out of her sweats and heads to the coffee shop for a Nutella hot chocolate……say no more!

15.30pm – Retouching finished! Bootiful! Back up files on external hard drive, burn disc ready for sending. Print pretty disc presentation bits. Upload Treasure the Dress shoot to password-protected online gallery on website. Double check it all looks great and password works, email client. Tweet.

16.30pm – Head off to Brighton for engagement shoot with couple no.1. Have polite discussion as to whether it’s a ‘Mika’ day or not. It is. Utterly enjoying gorgeous drive from Eastbourne to Brighton and subsequent singalong (well, Penny anyway!).

17.20pm – arrive at Brighton seafront and eagerly await couple no.1 for their golden hour shoot.

17.30pm – couple arrives. “We don’t like having our photo taken!” No problem- who does?! Reassure them that the less seriously they take it, the more fun they will have & the more natural the shots will be! Continue to chat whilst casually dropping in directions. Before you know it we’ve taken a couple of hundred shots, ranging from silly to romantic. V. Happy and can’t wait to upload for a proper look.

18.45pm- quick drink with couple no. 1. Arrange wedding venue visits etc.

19.30pm – Run to bar a few streets down to meet couple no.2 for a drink. 2 Cokes, 1 with Amaretto (Martin’s driving!). Love, love, love album – polka-dot theme will look fabulous on cover! V. excited about quirky wedding plans. Tummy rumbling, but not done chatting. Continue over dinner. Booking confirmed. YEY!

21.30pm – Leave bar and fancy celebratory drink. About turn! Round up Brighton friends for some R&R.

23.30pm – Kick out time. Never mind – today’s shoot to go through when we get home!

00.10am – Arrive home, kettle on, laptop firing up.

00.15am – Tea made, mmmm. Photos uploading. Penny- neither eye able to fully focus. Luckily Martin on hand to take lead until caffeine sets in. Keep. Delete. Keep. Keep. Delete.

02.00am – Bed.

What a long day – phew! Some more examples of Tino & Pip’s beautiful work below…

Thank you so much this week to Tino & Pip.

Next week…another ‘Day in the Life Of’!

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