1950s Inspired Cakes, Cake Pops & Cupcakes

Today on the blog I’m talking about something very close to my heart – food! Not just any old food of course – we’re talking cakes! These days couples are much more likely to be experimental with their choice of cake, and it’s no longer considered necessary to have the traditional fruitcake. Indeed I’ve been to weddings that have cheesecake, cupcakes, chocolate cakes and Victoria sponges. Another type of cake treat popping up is ironically the ‘cake pop’. These are fantastic fun, and perfect for little sweet nibbles or canapés. In fact over the last few months I’ve been collating my favourite cake pops from around the net on Pinterest. It’s a work in progress but you can see how far I’ve got here!

For anyone planning a 50s style wedding the cake probably features somewhere on your list, and I’ve got the pick of some of my favourite retro cakes here. I’m not much of a sponge person I’ll be honest, but for me the allure is all in the presentation. I love art, and to me these are works of art.

1950s Inspired Cupcakes

Let’s start with cupcakes – they are so cute and were my cake of choice for my own wedding. We had a mixture of big and little ones, and wanted to incorporate pastel 50s inspired colours. I couldn’t resist a little sparkle too, and we added detail with flowers and bumble bees!

© Matt Foden Photography

Those pastel colours really work well for a 50s style wedding, especially if those are the kind of colours you’ve gone for with your wedding decor. To make your cupcakes fit even more so with your vintage wedding, why not put a few in vintage teacups? I think this is a brilliant idea. These ones below by Cotton and Crumbs look amazing don’t you think?

© Cotton and Crumbs

The 1950s also conjures up images of polka dots of course, and these ones fit the bill so well.

© Cakes by Robin

© Cotton and Crumbs

Regular readers will also know that I’m a huge fan of the 1950s American diner style cupcakes. These ones by Star Bakery look yummy scrummy.

© Liana Stevens/ Star Bakery

…and as for these retro caramel sundae cupcakes, I think I’ve just died and gone to foodie heaven.

© Source

1950s Style Wedding Cakes

In the 1950s the wedding cake was traditionally stacked, though rich American celebrities often went for pillars (the bigger the better in their book). Intricate beading and flower details usually featured, as shown on these cakes below…

Left – Jacqui & John Kennedy, 1953 (source), Right – 1957 bride © Nick deWolfe

For a modern twist but still keeping that retro theme, check out some of these. This one below by Fancy Nancy is exquisite – it looks like something straight out of a vintage tea party.

© Fancy Nancy

Or you can mimic that beautiful pearl detail just like these yummy wedding cakes below.

© Cotton and Crumbs

For a modern twist on 50s polka dots, I’m loving these ones too…

© Harrison Long Photography

© Zoe Clark Cakes© Jel Photography

For some really alternative wedding cakes, you could take inspiration from those gorgeous vintage sewing patterns. These ones below by Peggy Porschen really have the wow factor.

© Peggy Porschen

Retro Cake Pops

The humble cake pop may not make it to your top table, but they’re certainly a fab nibble to have scattered around your reception venue in jars. I guarantee they’ll be a hit. People love that they’re just a little bite, so there’s none of the guilt and all of the pleasure!


These cake pops look utterly delicious in these 1950s colours.

© Aregrayline

These candy cane cake pops look like something straight out of an American diner with the red and white colours. You can find the full recipe here.

© Hostess with the Mostess

Or for true American diner style these hamburgers from Bakerella are perfect (follow this link for the full recipe too).

© Bakerella

Now is that enough to wet your appetite? If you’ve got any masterful cake recipes do post a link below. I’m all for drooling over cake photos too (mmmm…)

Have a fab day!

Charlie x ♥

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